We Have to Stop Destroying Our Future | Al Gore | TED

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Lighting up the TED stage, Nobel laureate and climate advocate Al Gore takes stock of the current state of climate progress and calls attention to institutions that have failed to honor their promises by continuing to pour money into polluting sectors. He explains how the financial interests of fossil fuel companies have blocked the policymaking process in key countries — and calls for a global epiphany to take on the climate crisis. “Do not give up hope,” Gore says. “And remember always that political will is itself a renewable resource.”

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transce080 says:

This man has been telling us the truth about climate change for 16 years! 16 YEARS! Imagine how different the world could have been if Bush hadn't stolen the election from him. Greatest political tragedy for the US in modern history.

Bruce Gwynn says:

I work for a government contractor and they record everything, at the military base I worked at , in 1970 it was over a hundred degrees everyday in August, hasn't done that since , it's just the way of weather and nature , I don't buy into all that hype , a joke is what it is

Bu8813z says:

You know what's gonna save the planet? Demolishing forests and digging holes bigger than towns to gut the Earth of the rare materials needed to make electric cars.
Climate activists are no different from the others, they will do whatever they can to save the planet, so long as it isn't inconvenient.
You really want to save the planet (snort) then pressure your local government into establishing effective public transportation, so you don't really need a car.
Public transport in terms of efficiency and environmental effects take a dump all over electric cars.
I live in one of the Most environmentally friendly countries in the world, and we don't have solid public transport. No instead the government is going to buddy up with companies to sell you the bullshit idea that you are saving the planet by purchasing a new car, of which the batteries need to be changed every few years, which are made of already scarce materials.
How about more freight trains instead of inefficient cargo trucks? How about we build multi-purpose train lines that can move people and cargo so you don't have to build a stupid elevated train network as well. How about we design cities in a sensible way instead of cramming as many terrible apartments and office buildings together as we can, while putting better residential areas far away without trains or buses so you have to drive.

Sentient Media says:

In addition to renewable energies, a transition toward more plant-based diets has tremendous potential to mitigate climate change. If Americans switched from beef to beans, they could free up an area equivalent to 42% of US cropland to restore ecosystems that could bind large amounts of carbon.

Logan Black says:

Even if USA goes carbon neutral completely, what about other countries?

MrBrettHD says:

Was hoping he was going to tell us about man bear pig

Invox says:

Just like mass shootings, we all eard this before: we know the cause, we know the solution… Nothing will change.

Mathew Wright says:

“Political will is itself a renewable resource.” Love it

Tam says:

This is not a possum till war. This isn’t a war on political agenda of electronic everything is absolutely ridiculous. Covid, Ukraine, BLM, LGBQ, all these fear-based political agendas has decimated the country

Braunstein Freres says:

…. but like the lead people follow I think goes up in a clowns fire gag

aristochat3 says:

Where is that hockey stick you promised Al “ plantation owner” Gore?

goldminor sanchez says:

The only change that I see is that the imaginary agw crisis story line is getting much harder to defend.

e.fortuny whitton says:

Stop ANIMAL AG. A vegan humanity could rewild an area slightly larger than the continent of Africa; intact ecological ecosystems are what capture carbon (not teslas, etc.). We have less than 4% of mammalian wildlife biomass on earth; earth is now made up of humans and the domestic animals they kill, at a rate of 73,000 per second globally (does not include sea life and wildlife that loses its home/habitat to make room for this madness.) Stop the consumerist culture. Mr. Gore: your comments are empty unless you discuss the COW in the room. This is absurd. What is even more absurd is not discussing the fact that when our oceans die, we die; 50% of the oxygen we breathe comes from the ocean (symbiotic relationship between whales and phytoplankton)… All of this is just: blah, blah, blah…

Mā Jęđ says:

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Craig McDonald says:

I can't listen to a hypocrite that lives in a 10,000 square foot mansion, flies the world in private jets, lies about everything to make himself richer. Gore does not set the example I want to follow.

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