Rise in Iran's enriched Uranium alarms western nations | Iran inching closer to producing nukes?

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Iran may soon have enough Uranium to make a nuclear weapon. A latest report by UN nuclear watchdog International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) has stated that Iran has uranium quality slightly above the significant levels.

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Erikk says:

Time to drop israel. Just like israel droped the usa for russia

Donald Donald says:

Don't worry , Sloppy Joe has everything under control. Just look at the magnificent job he did in Afghanistan.

Glen Willson says:

The bible does not actually say that Iran will get nuclear weapons but you could infer it will because;
The bible does say that when Iran "pushes" at Germany, Germany will get in first and destroy Iran in a "whirlwind" attack.

Ferdinand De Guzman says:

Why blame Iran? Blame those cunning, machiavellian, deceitful, ruthless, manipulative subhumans who don't want Biden to revive JCPOA – who don't want Iran to become the #1 economic power in the Middle East. Knowing that U.S. is an Israeli-occupied territory- knowing that the boss is Tel-aviv not Washington makes EU COUNTRIES very distrustful of U.S.

hal nogaies says:

I'm much more alarmed that Israel is the only nuclear power in the middle east. THAT'S ALARMING!

Adêêl Asîm says:

Go and produce nukes, have a great defense and strengthen you existence. Every nation has a right to defend herself from the hegemony of other nations if Israel has nukes then what is the problem of west with Iran why do they stop them ?
UNITED NATIONS was never meant to be for muslims but the benefit of non muslim countries espacially west to protect their interests through its use and impede nations that hinder them.
Well, to all muslims forget UN and forget about sanctions as in reality there are the traps that are used to stop you reach your goal(s)

Leonardo Dela Cruz says:

Which terrorist country did attack and bomb Iraq and Afghanistan? U.S and England

Which terrorist country attacked and bombed Ukraine? Russia

Which terrorist country is oppressing Palestine? Israel

They all have nukes and no one is freaking out ffs. But Iran is trying to have one and the whole world is freaking out? Gimme a break

Mungabwa Charles Mubita says:

Naughty western world! They are just everywhere provoking issues!

Sam Naaman says:

Who’s regulating Israel’s nuclear program if it’s good for that terrorist state terrorising the Arab countries and Iran then those countries should have them

Andrei Nastase says:

How about French and British enriched uranium?

zia aftab says:

Don't cry india

Me Ocean says:

Iran has a nuclear weapon. The rest is all western lips service.

Bendo Bendo says:

Anyway it's either Iran have nuclear weapons to avoid war and bring peace or they will end up being destroyed by the US,Israel and some allies,it's a matter of survival for Iran people

Sandeep Singh says:

Heartbreaking. Sidhu Moosewala always will be remembered. Legend!

overcomers says:

How long does it to.make a nuclear bomb?? If it takes this long like its in Iran then Russia and USA would not have had what they have today.
Iran is a fool to take years talking about same bomb

Firdaus Amer says:

Iran can do whatever they want, dealing with us n the west only get them cheated with recent oil theft by the west.

Wildmouse says:

I suspect Israel (with covert help from Sunni governments) will soon solve this problem. Everyone will publicly whine and scream while privately being relieved.

Abdul Karim Mohanned Pasiba says:

I have started hearing this same news since 2010 from Israel Ariel Sharon and Benjamin Net that Iran will get the weapon before 2012… Hypocrisy of the western world

David Perez says:

Iran have nukes, the media keep lying to us.

Clearance Obermuller says:

Talk about double standards on Iran Nuclear energy program, the dems are very deceptive and are lost in the wilderness, feel sorry for Israel.

لا ترضى عنك اليهود والنصارى حتى تتبع ملتهم says:

Iran don't stop, don't stop. You get more destruction if you don't have nukes, we seen what happening to other Muslim countries.

frank mazurek says:

Instead of worrying what Iran"s nuclear capability is . The US should start to clean up the mess the the US has made around the world like removing dictators it has installed allowing Israel to rape and pillage Palestinian territories . Vietnam Iraq Afghanistan Libya Syria the list goes on . Ukraine has shown the world what the US will do when they get themselves into an economic mess . Next stop China should be interesting .

hawkwood says:

God I'm so Fucking ready

best bet says:

So far, Iran has been on the WION agenda!
You did a great job of hypocrisy and spreading hatred among the people.

John Doe says:

So basically, West is worried by iranian nuclear energy program in hands of stable and predictable Iranian government while they are absolutely fine with Ukraine 30 tons of spent plutonium and 40 tons of spent uranium in hands of completely unstable and unpredictable Ukrainian government ( all while Zelensky already made several threats about makeing and using nuclear weapons)… May I have one spaceship so I can excuse myself from this planet,please.

Indiana Terry says:

They have been saying this same bullshit for more than 20 years. You would have to be and idiot to believe that they don't already have nukes. They more than likely purchased them even without producing their own, but who knows, they probably are doing that as well.

Mohasa S says:

This is what happens when the US reneged on a firm commitment agreed to by a group of high standing countries because the US thinks they can squeeze more out of Iran. Well, Iran has responded! And your signature is useless and not worthy of your high standing in the world.

Cave Man says:

There will be no peace until every Country have nukes, otherwise some Countries will be bullying from time to time.

Richard says:

I’ve been told for the last 40 years by the tiny minds of the US and Israel that Iran is just ‘weeks away’ from building a nuclear weapon.

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