Minimally Disruptive Medicine

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Dr. Victor Montori of the Mayo Clinic Center for the Science of Health Care Delivery, discusses minimally-disruptive medicine, a new patient-centered health care model designed around the patient’s life goals and capacity to deal with the burden of chronic disease.


nikkia3d says:

Excellent resource for patients with multiple chronic conditions/"complex" medical needs, and also for their healthcare providers. There is hope to have a life outside of one's illness.

Mark McConnell says:

A very cogent argument that makes me question how and why I have tried to deliver care for almost 30 years.  I know one thing for sure:  Patients want minimally disruptive medicine and a "one size fits all" model, fits no one very well.  Thanks for this simple but elegant explanation of the dynamics involved.

Olivia Christina says:

Very informative – thanks for sharing!

Ivan Buratov says:

Hi! I'm Amanda.I did -35 lbs past 2 month.More here

Renato Padilla says:

Victor, you make us Peruvians very proud. A great example of what people should be doing; looking for solutions instead of personal gain. Very insightful message. Keep on guiding medicine on the right path.

FF Justice says:

Great video. Good work.

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