Looking back at George W. Bush, Al Gore's contentious 2000 race

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Two decades ago on December 12, one of the most contentious presidential races in American history was finally settled when the Supreme Court delivered a 5-4 opinion that handed the 2000 election to George W. Bush over Al Gore. Jeff Glor looks back at the historic national moment, as the U.S. reckons with challenges to its democratically-held elections today.


David W says:

I was thinking, if Gore had won this election, we probably would not have Obama, Trump, nor Biden as Presidents.

Amanda says:

Vice President Gore got elected president but because of a few thousand boomers in the southern states like Georgia Florida and Tennessee, republicans could steal this victory from the democratic vp.

Faggot Rotten says:

It was the best thing ever that gore lost

He would have made America a bloody mess

ronkirk50 says:

I can't help but wonder what a better place we would be in today if the election had gone to Al Gore instead. No Cheney and Wolfowitz pushing W. into overreacting to 9/11 with endless war in Afganistan and Iraq with the great loss of life and huge national debt to go with it. No severe restriction of our rights with the so called 'Patriot Act'. No pariah status among the global community by using 'preemptive war' against Iraq. No huge tax cut for the obscenely wealthy causing an great increase in income inequality and adding to our debt. A well thought out, measured response to 9/11 would have been so much better for us and the rest of the world.

Jack says:

Nowadays republicans are fighting for division of this nation and their focuses are seizing power of White House.

Ray Fan says:

IMO the worst president in modern US history is George W., Donald would come in second.

Juan Gamundi says:

I still believe that Mr. Al Gore was the winner. As a great man from Tennessee he decided the best for our DEMOCRACY and for the WHOLE WORLD. Daniel Boone, Sargent George ….

Belly Dancer Em says:

Now that's a stolen election

killjoy cola says:

This ain't the situation with trump.. its clear trump lost

FOXO says:


Raymond Ghiutz Murdock says:

Hello Patriots
Dear raymondghiutz,

Project Veritas Action Fund released a new video today exposing Jon Ossoff’s U.S. Senate campaign’s deceitful tactics in Georgia.

Here are some of the highlights from today’s video:

Max Harris, Ossoff deputy political director: “I can’t say that here today [pack the Supreme Court], but…Well, it’s not the official – the official position of the party right now is not ‘aggressively pack the court.’ It’s ‘we’re waiting and seeing how the nomination process goes’ and then we’ll go from there.”

Harris: “I think that privately, a lot of people [in the campaign] share that [packing the Supreme Court] feeling.”

Harris: I think that ‘Defund the Police’ slogan is bad branding.

Harris: “So I think that the slogan [Defund the Police] is over-simplified and it doesn’t help Democrats.”

Harris: “Why don’t we start being creative about the way we’re framing these [Defund the Police] issues so that people who might not agree with us, in theory, can start seeing the light.”

You can watch the full video here:

How many dishonest people has Ossoff hired to work in his staff?

This is not the first time we have exposed his campaign for misleading voters.

Project Veritas Action Fund continues its investigation into campaign corruption ahead of the Jan. 5 Georgia Senate runoffs.

Stay Tuned,


Florida Man says:

florida voted for bush

David Ho says:


Since most people are aware of massive and serious fraud in this election that's simply equal to a coup . Why Trump shouldn't declare martial law and declare Biden unqualified as a candidate ?
He doesn't need to be subject to the judicial system .( President Lincoln also arrested the Chief Justice of the Federal Supreme Court due to his opposition in that year.)

American Dog says:

Yes indeed and consider the gop libertarian congress members actions red state actions and Pinocchio’s move to slow down and stop mail in and absentee ballots lest the facts that they have been shut down better than 50 times by the courts and twice by the Supreme Court for the flagrant malicious blatant lies and conspiracies never mind the threats of civil war and audacity of calling for people to take up guns and die for their lies thus the facts remain the gop libertarian and Pinocchio have commits sedition

The fact is Pinocchio and many congressional members state elected members have committed irreprensible damage to the Constitution our Republic and the people’s Democratic right to Vote and Choose

On 12/11/20 the Supreme Court saved the Constitution and the Republic from the autocratic fascist gop libertarian party

Phara G says:

To think we would never have invaded the wrong nation if this had not been stolen from Gore! How many American children would still have fathers. How many Vets would still be sane?

Jake says:

Unreal that was 20 years ago!!

Leonard Ball says:

How about everybody agree not to have somebody as vile as the current guy in the WH again?

aboxoffrogs says:

That was by design… fools. https://youtu.be/65xLByzT1l0

mistery-ed says:

Back in the day we didn't have a wannabe dictator on the ballot.

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