Dr Shaneyfelt's Approach to Reading a Clinical Research Study

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Video describing my approach to reading a paper


Violetta Vysevkova says:

OMG this is the best approach to reading a paper! Thank you so much Dr Shaneyfelt!!!!

Big Neuton says:

Now I can use this knowledge to go long or short small cap biotech stocks based on the success or failure of clinical trials. Thanks Doctor. 🙂

ideatrack says:

Love your videos. Fantastic.

stefrzchicago says:

Every doctor should be reading research like this. I read a 'tips' guide that a Professor published for medical students (at a big university on the East coast) and one of her organization tips was telling medical students that when they become doctors, to not bother reading research and journals. Her reasoning was that doctors don't have time for that and that if something important is 'out' that they need to know about, that they will hear about it in mainstream media?!?!? Infuriating that this is being taught to medical students today! I have my MPH, so I appreciate the importance of digging into research studies.

SJ H says:

Marvelous! I'll definitely use your approach.

Louise Delice says:

thanks for your videos sir!They are very helpful!

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