Covid Cases Surge In China And Europe

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As the U.S. ends and eases up on Covid-19 restrictions, China and Europe are starting to see surges of new strains of the virus. NBC News’ Vicky Nguyen is joined by NBC News’ medical correspondent Dr. John Torres to discuss how the CDC confirms an uptick in the presence of Covid-19 in wastewater samples. 

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jamama3 says:

Proverbs 22:3 says “The shrewd one sees the danger and conceals himself.” Some practical advice: Stay informed. Bolster your defenses, and reduce the risks if possible.

Jesse 28 says:


J The Original says:

This whole panic is a bad movie with horrible actors. Are u not bored yet? Or annoyed? I haven't been scared sense the first day this started. It's kinda humorous to me. And don't get that twisted and mad at me. I'm not crazy. Our realitys are just different

Master Icarus says:

We are barely recovering from 2021, we are facing record inflation this year, and now we will have to face another wave of covid…

What kind of cruel joke is this…

Matt Mendoza says:

Fool me once can’t get fooled again

Erock Hannibal says:

Fake news is getting ready for midterm elections so they're going to try that replay the pandemic out so they can still do legs with mail-in ballots everybody sees this coming the thing is you don't have no evidence there's a pandemic of coronavirus in America right now

Richard Estigene says:

Basically tapwater is full of Covid

Rider S.Oregon says:

Be afraid. Be very very Afraid. Get many more boosters, especially if you voted for Biden.

Igors Matvejevs says:

Who gives a fook about covid conspiracy.

Thun Duh .5 says:

Thanks again China….

Daniel Quinn says:

I’m a pharmacist , ya know the one who may have saved your life or a loved one this Xmas season ? And I gotta say , this vaccine needs updating .. it’s highly ineffective against current strains … but I’m sure you all just watched the entire country get sick .. so why on earth are they pushing a booster on top of the booster ? Money .. period … there is a lot expiring. Right now in my fridge because it’s simply not needed…

Dipset Forever says:

The variant will be here by the fall?

Finet Deux2 says:

The covid 19 pandemic is ending, so there are some important points that need to be taken to the truth and summarized. It has become very bad that some people have increased the morbidity and mortality rate of this virus. Such people have lost their social trust mandate, at least for me. A website should be made and people who spread such views should be listed there so that as many people as possible would fall ill and die. Let the Poles know by whom more people died or suffered more. A lot of bad has happened 🙁 If someone notices problems in himself, he should go to psychotherapy or psychotherapy by a psychologist, possibly a psychiatrist. This world can be better 🙂 (A096)

William Ceurvels says:

Zero tolerance is working quite well in Taiwan…

Willix _ says:

Mocking bird

InfinitrixTV says:

China spits on other countries, and yet never expected a backfire.

Andre li says:

It's why you need mask mandate #lol.

I H says:

Reaking news: The CDC reccomends wearing a mask now over your eyes to prevent a heart attack while pumping gas.

lepetergmail says:

We need to follow the real science without politics and ban all non essential travel international and domestic with mask mandate, social distancing and limit gatherings.

maria marie says:

Just don't understand why states were such in a big hurry to stop mask mandates. We should be wearing mask until 2023

X Daniels says:

They are moving to the yearly vax.

lostcoast says:

No one, literally, is listening to your bullsh@t anymore.

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