COVID-19 vaccine immunity may be fading, doctors say; scientists work on new vaccine design

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Researchers are seeing more vaccinated people getting COVID-19. It began with the huge omicron spike at the beginning of the year. Vaccine companies are now looking to make a new COVID-19 vaccine, with the intent to begin rollout this fall and winter.


Bob Bobby says:

In vitro study proves Pfizer vaccine develops DNA in the liver. Another conspiracy theory true. What's new?

Bob Bobby says:

Vaccine immunity never existed

Brutish Fossil says:

Wait. Are you saying that the manufacturers are no longer going to be immune to lawsuits? Because that's the only immunity the "vaccines" ever provided.

Tengo Hambre says:

Still not vaccinated….. never will be ….. I’m not a pawn in the system…….I’m not liberal nation neither…….I follow my own destiny

Jack Ryan says:

Give a listen to Dr Andrew Kaufman. Give a listen to Carry Mullis who was the inventor of the PCR test. Credo Mutwa an African from south Africa who is the official storyteller of the Zulu nation. David Icke, Jordan Maxwell, and many others speak truth. Give them a listen!

The truth shall set you free

TikkaT3 says:

Edit “we want to make more profits from the Covid vaccine, so therefore we are telling you that the effectiveness is wearing off and are developing a new one. We know that all previous vaccines have done basically little to nothing but you can trust us on this one”! If people are still falling for this bullshit I truly feel bad for them. Not even frustrating anymore it’s actually sad because they’re so brainwashed.

Mousey Miller says:

THANK YOU JESUS! Even though I’m still struggling to put groceries in the refrigerator. I STILL TRUST YOU LORD! Faith is trusting in God durning hard times. Faith is what is getting me through my hard situation. I’m still struggling to providing for my two autistic children since losing my job over declining the vaccine. I declined due to my pre existing health condition (Lupus) and Heart disease. I was denied my medical/religious exemption from Forsyth Hospital. My husband passed away three years ago, so I’m all alone. Both of my sons are non verbal so things are more hard on me. Every month I don’t know how we are going to make it through. Every month is a struggle, a battle to not end up on the streets. I’m so depressed and embarrassed by my situation. I’ve been put down and mocked over my circumstances. I’m so ashamed and overwhelmed. BUT because of my faith God shows up every month and provides. He has even sent strangers to help me, thank you Father. Even as I face homelessness with two young children seemingly every month!
I know that God will provide abundantly. Thank you Jesus. I BELIEVE!

Joseph Rikers says:

F/u and your vaccines

CM says:

corona will kill you!
ok, corona didn't kill you
but corona will hospitalize you!
ok, corona didn't hospitalize you
but corona will give you brain fog!
ok corona didn't give you brain fog
but corona will ruin your sense of smell and taste forever!
ok, corona didn't ruin your sense of smell or taste forever
but we can go back to normal once we vaccinate 60% of the population
ok we didn't go back to normal
but delta will kill you!
ok, delta didn't kill you
but we will fire you if you don't get vaccinated!
ok, we didn't fire you
but Biden mandated the vaccine starting in November and you will lose your job!
ok, the November mandate didn't happen and you didn't lose your job
but Biden will mandate the vaccine in December and you will lose your job!
ok the December mandate didn't happen
but omicron will kill you!
ok, omicron didn't kill you
but omicron will ruin your brain forever
ok, that was a lie too
but this winter you are 20 times more likely to die of covid if you are unvaccinated!
ok, you didn't die last winter…

yeah, when will antivaxxers admit they were wrong?

dudzinski324 says:

No, thank you.

BootlegJustice says:

Nope, I'll stick with a NATURAL immunity thank you! Is there anyone out there still gullible enough to buy into this nonsense?

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