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Rachel Waldman, an acupuncturist in the Johns Hopkins Integrative Medicine & Digestive Center, discusses acupuncture: what it is, how it works and how it can help those with chronic pain. Visit or call 410-828-3585 to learn more.


June VanDerMark says:


On the 17th we went to Hanoi where I spent a day at the Bien Hue Hospital. This was built by the French at the turn-of-the-century. It was huge, covering a square block. It was in this hospital that I saw acupuncture being used for lung resection. The patient was awake, but likely somewhat sedated. The remarkable thing was the patient was talking and answering the anaesthetist, even though the surgeon had just opened her chest, and handling her lung! When the patient started wincing with some discomfort, the anaesthetist would turn the acupuncture needles and patient would settle down. We watched this for thirty minutes in unbelief.

mcdougal0 says:

I've had Sciatica in my right leg for 12 years as a result of a back injury. Some days I could hardly put any weight on my leg, after 1 TREATMENT the pain has virtually gone in fact the pain isn't there at the moment. I have 4 more treatments to come but I'm positive that this treatment does work and is not some hocus pocus, it is definitely a Scientific based treatment. Two of my friends advised me to have it as it also worked for them.

Krav Magal says:

Why you don't just dance around the pacient? If well executed you can achieve the same results.

Would acupuncture achieve the same relaxing, plenty of endorphins, if the patient is standing up?Because the whole session takes, one to two hours, giving plenty of time for a laying down body to relax and recover regardless the needles.

And, let's not forget, electoacupuncture isn't acupuncture at all. It's a mild version of other therapies that stimulates the body with electrical shocks.

In the end, the only relevant thing you said is that this is all about the experience. Yep, like placebo groups in a blind study. You could just say the coffee in the clinic is and ancient South American grain that natives thought had magical traits.

chis coughlan says:

maybe im unlucky as i had 4 acupuncture treatments so far, and still have no pain relief!! should he be using a lighter?

Farmacia LYM says:


Jesse Hamilton says:

her teeth are beautiful

Marcus says:

Shame on a real hospital like JH for buying into this quackery.

八雲紫 says:

Technoblade on the internet: I am evil and insensitive and I stab orphans, Twitter stans be damned.
Technoblade irl:

Spencer Anderson says:

i didnt believe in acupuncture. during finals week at college they had free acupuncture, but theyd only do your ear to keep it quick. i said, eh, why not, it’s free. holy hell. i felt it all the way down my leg. it was fucking wild. ever since then i have been dying to get a full-body treatment

BidaPowersTV says:

I did this yesterday it was crazy took my stress away

Me Oey says:

I ve hemoragic stroke. My eyes seeing double. After accupuntures many months eyes back to normal.but not sure. Its from accupunture or from my healing brain. But I did accupunture at that time

Цецилия Самойловна says:

Meh I don’t believe in acupuncture

M T says:

Haha, I don't believe acupuncture can treat CD UC

btccrow says:

Listening to her "modern biological" explanation on how it works was cringeworthy. No, the modern biological explanation for how it works is the placebo effect.

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