Race Highlights | 2022 Monaco Grand Prix

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Rain fell in Monaco and the drama followed! As the drivers battled to the chequered flag on the slippy streets of Monte Carlo

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portiom2 says:

4:31 did u guys see the bird. What was it thinking?

Just Arkon says:

That's Mexican pride, bravo Checo Perez 

orange says:

Shield. 20k

orange says:

Panah Behringer mainkan

orange says:


orange says:

Mesinnya naikkan thressholdnya mana.setan kauu

orange says:

Vokal komentatotnya landai dikit krnap sihh.sakit di hati.begok.kauu

NOiSY BoY says:

Does anyone notice how they have edited out Martin Brundle's disagreement with the Red Flag decision but highlighted FIA's reasons based on Health & safety. So WOKE!

GrumpyGranny says:

Can anyone explain to me why ocon got a penalty. Lewis wasn't even alongside him

Alex Stathopoulos says:

I guess now we see what happens hen Merc treat their drivers equally. Where’s Hamilton? Having a cry

Alex Stathopoulos says:

What have the Max haters got to say now? Had Bottas been in the lead he would have been told to go slow to try to get Hamilton into the lead.

Rebekah L says:

That rain gives the swimming pool section a whole new meaning

Pet Zwart says:

Drama deze race 1 groot drama niet om aan te gluren zooooooo saai in de Efteling hebben ze daar ook iets van elkaar zitten en over de eindstreep komen

Taki7o7 says:

Formula 1 is a joke

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