Perez's Victory, Leclerc's Home Heartbreak and the Best Team Radio | 2022 Monaco Grand Prix

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This is the Monaco madness as you’ve never seen (or heard!) it before. We’ve got the enthralling qualifying session, drama in the rain and a thrilling final charge for the podium all covered.

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SyncBuster says:

Exciting to see Russell doing real well despite just his 1st Merc season but at the mean time it's sad to see Riccardo keep falling into nowhere which might suggest his time in F1 is up.

duorbe says:

Anyone notice that the thumbnail is a f1 Aston Martin from 2021?

Sonia’s Way says:

Actions speak louder than words, and yours tell an incredible story.

Plynyo says:

just a 2021 aston martin car chillin in the thumbnail

Kimi's Drink says:

…interesting thumbnail choice.

Madzque says:

Leclerc curse continues

Sonia’s Way says:

Hearing Checo being so happy just puts a smile on my face.

Shayne King says:

Modern day f1 shouldn’t be here

Formula 1 Recapped says:

Spursy level moment

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