The UX Design Process explained step by step with a mobile app project

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Thank you to reMarkable for partnering with me on this video! Click on my link to get your own reMarkable 2 paper tablet here:
In this video, I explain what the UX Design Process is step by step using the Double Diamond process. To help you visualize how this process applies to a design project, I’ll be walking you through an example design prompt so that you can see how I go from initial ideation to hi fidelity mockups!

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✌︎ Timestamps
0:00 Intro
0:19 Why process is important
0:32 Mobile app project prompt
1:38 Double Diamond Process
1:52 Step #1: Discover
2:49 Competitive audit
3:06 Step #2: Define
3:36 Feature Prioritization
4:06 Step #3: Develop
4:32 Sponsorship
5:18 Sketching wireframes
5:35 Step #4: Deliver
6:21 Final Product

✌︎ Business Inquiries

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chunbuns says:

Sketch your own wireframes on the reMarkable 2 paper tablet! Click on this link to get your own:

Robert Kim says:

Ty ChubBuns!!

Alex Nguyen says:

Thank you for sharing your insight about the design process!

Thu An Hoang says:

This is surely so random but when you wrote "Design Prompt" with that perfect line under, it was so smooth and satisfying.

Kamon1394 says:

Total bullshit…

M Remy says:

Great video, practical, usable, timely.

Laura James says:

What are you writing on in the intro?

Gotha says:

Great video, concise and to the point. I'd suggest using paper when prototyping by constructing an interface so the stakeholder can see first-hand the essential mechanics. This is because some stakeholders are not tech-savvy and come from a business background where they only see time/cost resources.

Akarsh s says:

Can you do a detailed video on how to make visually appealing UI Screen? What are the factors to consider like color, typo, spacing etc?

Anna S. says:

Very useful! Thank you!

Alondra Morales says:

i would 100% pay for courses or digital materials that you put together!!

Germán Gomez says:

from a dev's perspective that's trying to get to know the caveats of trying to lead teams and know more about the roles of a multidisciplinary team, this is VERY useful. thank you!


This was super helpful! Thank you!

Jonathan Wong says:

Do let us know what happens after the deliver stage. Does the management of the company/client has a say on the new iteration as well?

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