Building My Personal Website • Design & Code With Me Ep. 1 | Day Of A Software Engineer & Designer

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Check out Episode #2 of this series here:

Design & Code Vlog (Episode #1) | Today I will be building the first iteration of my personal website, and bringing you along my journey.

Make sure you stay tuned until the end of the video to see the final results!

Check out Episode 2 of this series here (Building an Art Portfolio Website):

🌱 Check out my personal website here 🌱

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┄┄┄ Timestamps ┄┄┄
0:00 Intro 👋🏼
1:45 Starting The Day: Vanilla Iced Coffee
3:48 Moodboarding & Brainstorming
7:30 Designing Moodboard on Figma
9:18 Lunch Time! Salad & Daily Harvest Smoothie
11:48 Sketching Low-Fidelity Wireframe on iPad
12:45 Designing High-Fidelity Wireframe on Figma
14:36 Start Coding + Bringing Design To Life!
15:13 Final Reveal of My Website!

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┄┄┄ Websites For Productivity, Design, Development ┄┄┄
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My desk setup & tech gear links here!

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↳ BGM President // Brunch II:
↳ Mr. Jello // Timeless Memory:
↳ Mr. Jello // No Going Back:

┄┄┄ About Maisy Leigh ┄┄┄
Hi! I’m Maisy, and I’m sharing my story of how I live a cozy lifestyle, find peace, and create new things. I’m a visionary, frontend engineer and designer – and I love ideating solutions that facilitate people’s everyday lives, sketching them out and bringing them to life.

I’ve embarked my content creating journey to share my story, as I navigate life. I love being able to share my creativity through this platform.

I love composing my own songs on the piano, gardening, playing video games, drinking matcha and coffee, archery, hiking, interior designing, ideating & wire framing app ideas, graphic design, and engineering.

┄┄┄ Copyright 2021. MAISYLEIGH © All rights reserved. ┄┄┄
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Иосиф Дургалян says:

you are really cute and i like your workplace

Antonio Amaya Santos says:

Beautiful job, I like. i have a question, what tools do you use to make your page?

Thee Otaku Fam says:

Where do you get your plate sets and bowls? They look so nice!

philip chief says:

elegant life

Dung Tran Van says:

she is only eat and drink 😀

Vigram vasi says:

What app did she use to create and document all the colour palette and ideas?

You should start making tutorials for HTML, so on and so forth. Awesome work.

yourbae kookie says:

Hi ,I am currently a college student would like to be software engineer,my major is related to that but sometimes I feel really tired your vid is inspiring I hope that you share more about software engineer ,also how you excel in coding that require me a lot of times

issa bah says:

what app do u use to make home screens

Big Boy says:

I fucking love asians.

AnneNicole says:

After having earned a business degree a couple years ago, I decided to make a life change and am now studying computer science. I had my first website development class that dealt with learning coding and creating a website. It was challenging but I am so excited to eventually go back to my personal portfolio website and changing it as I learn more and more

sophia says:

thank you so much for this!!! this video inspired and motivated mo to start working on my website. i needed this!!!

Sebastian says:

coffe… I DONT SEE IT!!!!

arrow arrow says:

ဘယ်နည်းပညာမှ တစ်ခု ကောင်းမရပါ

Tarotangy says:

I can't understand why make a website with external links from social networks. I think that having a blog or website with articles, whether of experience or information within a certain subject, would be more interesting.

Kim says:

your room aesthetic is so beautiful and bright. I love it so much.

HeyDasha says:

Scrolling on figma is frustrating I can’t figure it out:(

Nozhan Amiri says:

I was struggling to choose a career path between design and development but you proved it's possible to do both if you're keen and creative enough
Thank you for the amazing content

Miko米高佬 says:

Very inspiring video !~ So nice to see this video.Your website is amazing . Give me a lot of support for finding my future career path. I am working as a web developer in a company but i just focus on coding instead of design UI. Hope that I can success in both areas.I am from Hong Kong and try my best for typing English to reply .

Jack Douglas says:

EXCELLENT video. Beautiful site!!

Mitty XXX says:

hi maisy!
i just want to remind you that when ppl dont have the fonts installed on their devices,
they would see default fonts, im seeing apple system font!
you might want to line up a few common fonts after appeal black, or just use a picture instead!

Sweet Heart says:

Can you give suggestion of programming course?

Steve Stranz says:

I reaaly enjoyed your video. It was so pleasant and relaxing. Now i want to design my own web page. You are so natural and easy to follow your thought process. Your lunch made me hungry and it is 1:00 AM here.

Prithish Subramanian says:

3:50 Lamp Name ?

Hyela Simon says:

Hi Maisy, please what kind of desktop do you use?

Beata says:

youre one of my favorite youtubers ever

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