Video shows 'kamikaze' drone's POV moments before striking Russian tank

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In the new video released by the Ukraine Armed Forces, cutting-edge, foreign-made drones are used to fight against Russian troops. A ‘kamikaze’ drone’s point of view is shown moments before it strikes a Russian tank. CNN’s Melissa Bell has more. #CNN #News


dachinjo1 says:

America and Britain will destroy Ukrainu. Like many others country. Zelenski is american poodle.

wood worker says:

Never even showed the fucking video

BCTAHbKA says:

Սա երբևէ եղած լավագույն տեսանյութն է

Nothing to Lose says:

It amazes me the power of the media. These Russians believe that they’re taking out Nazis. Sound familiar?

Jordell Golding says:

big difference now

Bob Jonsun says:

America's war with Russia and Ukraine is fighting it for us lol

Uhhh JustPhil says:

Let’s go Brandon

Michael McDuffie says:

One must never forget who started this war and who invaded whom? In W.W.II the aircraft carriers replaced the battleships, in this war the drones have replaced the tanks. While each drone is expensive they are not nearly as expensive as the tank that gets obliterated! No one, either in Russia or the West, thought at the beginning of this war that the Ukraine would survive a week. Irrespective of the fact that President Biden totally ignored the pleas from the President of the Ukraine initially, he reluctantly agreed to help when it became obvious to the world that the Ukraine had no intention of capitulation! This is arguably the only thing that President Biden has done, even semi correctly, since he has been in office!

Philippe PLOUCHART says:

There is no question that the Russian government must pay for all that destruction.

R A says:

A nuclear strike will end this once and for all I don’t know what Putin is waiting for

Wills Email junk says:

Cnn showing snuff flims now

José Augusto Figueiredo says:

Refusing to cooperate in the safe departure of foreign ships Kiev has taken them hostage! Ukraine holds foreign ships as shields.

José Augusto Figueiredo says:

Complete cleaning! City of Krasny Liman is totally liberated from the Ukrainian Nazis put in power in Ukraine by the United States and England!

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