The Choice – Cardio Zone Vs Fat-Burning Zone

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Stay in the “cardio zone” rather than the “fat-burning zone” for calorie-burning workouts.
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Dan E L says:

Wow, she looks fantastic! Way to go…

Lyubomir Hristov says:

Hi guys I have been training for long time never check my heart rate.Doesn any body know is it good to go every day in my heart rate peak for about 5 10 per day when I am on my treadmill

markart157 says:

I don't agree. This type of training is the trendy stuff to save time.. but it is not good for the body… it stresses the body and in the long term you'll not be able to improve because you'll lack of aerobic base that you can only acquire in long zone 2 training

Javier says:

I don’t know why I keep thinking they fucked lmao at least she wanted to lmaooo

Chris Alexander says:

sports bra ? lol

Ateezy says:

Horrible Advice

Marc Marmolejo says:

horrible advice and so wrong this trainer ought to be ashamed.. there are specific workouts for specific results.. and diet has way more to do with weigjt loss or gain than exercise will ever have to do with it

Arif Mujawar says:

I am not facing weight issue but belly fat. what is the best way to get rid of belly fat?

MrFurley says:

so at 296 pounds you couldn't shove any more shit down your throat on a daily basis? good job

igor Krasilnik says:

Good day! I'm Taylor.I did -15 lbs in two weeks.Go to

Votrae says:

This was really helpful. With my fitness goals in mind, I was never sure which setting/goals to use on the treadmill.

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