France Scientists Discover New COVID Variant 'IHU'; Dubbed More Infectious Than Omicron

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As the world is still battling to curb the spread of the highly transmissible Omicron variant of Coronavirus, scientists in France have discovered a new strain that is said to have 46 mutations. According to a research paper released on medRxiv, the new variant is more transmittable and vaccine-resistant than the existing Omicron variant, news agency Sputnik reported. Scientists at the Méditerranée Infection University Hospital Institute (IHU) first discovered the new variant, called as B.1.640.2. or ‘variant IHU’, on December 10. They had announced that the new strain was discovered in Forcalquier, in the Alpes-de-Haute-Provence region.

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parameswaran nair says:

republic has lost its charm… more of show and no facts

Kev Wills says:

Stupid . They made it

Anitha Reddy says:

useless camera setting,
stop moving

Damo Benett says:

China has one in fruit your is crap

Damo Benett says:

More Money for vacs Companies let make more money

Sheila Lawrence says:

There is also the DeltaCron variant discovered in another country.

Shelf Cloud says:

The IHU (I hate you) variant. Preceded by the delta and omicron (media control) variant.

keshava bhandary says:

corona scam

sami yaligar says:

R Ko hilane ki adat he haha camera hilaneki

Z - Juan says:

Im more concerned on how he walks around while reporting.. lol

Danny Dexter says:

The more its mutated the easier our body detects it while it changes so wouldn't be worried about it to much just yet

somebody stop me says:

Just like china release all these cloned phones. They can release new variants in the 100s. . . Way to stop them war

Nordi Calaz says:

We must Destroy the Evil Agenda

Jim Winter says:

At this rate it will take over people falling asleep and dying in the bath.

Royal Boy says:

Thanos was right

Royal Boy says:

End of the world

Manju B N says:

Media mafia Medical mafia!!!! Pharmacy lobby!!!

Manju B N says:

Who is best fraud organization!!!

Manju B N says:

New variety new vaccines old Jumlas!!! Nothing new

Clo says:

Sometimes i wonder whether i should cease posting my comments on the regular use/rub some drops of Amla oil on hands, forearms and face with mask properly placed and often washing as the virus/any variant is inert or degenerate in such oily medium and would not be able to enter our body.
Very few ppl would do so and the Authorities and Big Brothers will never recommend this for your life saving for Power, Money and Control etc as they have No Humanity or describe them as you wish.
To all those who say yes and no, to how much is enough or how enough is enough, Salut.
Vive la pandemie:)
Whether your system removes this i do not mind.
God bless.

rebootead says:

Covid Level 1: Original Strain
Covid Level 2:
Wave 1 – Alpha
Wave 2 – Beta
Wave 3 – Gamma
Covid Level 3:
Wave 1 – Delta
Wave 2 (Chancing Round) – Delta Plus
Wave 3 – Omicron
Wave 4 – Del-micron
Wave 5 – Del-micorn + flurona

Modern Decay says:


x TROLLING x says:

You ain't vaccinated if you ain't fully vaccinated. How many shots will you take to defend theses clowns. "Oh you only have 4 vaccines instead of all 6? Then you are part of the problem."

deepa jain says:

he explained evn whn screen went off. salute good work

Les Pringle says:

Why doesn't he stand still? It's hell for the camera-man and viewer. Also, why are they shouting?

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