It’s about to look ‘pretty ugly’ in the economy: Liz Peek

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Fox News contributor Liz Peek says the the Fed ‘completely missed’ early inflation signals. #FOXBusiness

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T C says:

A recession is when you're neighbor loses his job…
A depression is when you lose yours….
We won't have a recession in 2022 because outside of the official description of a recession, we are already there….
We will have a depression by end of year 2022….

T C says:

They are right we won't see a recession in 2022, we will see a depression and it will be because of many things but high energy cost (specifically gasoline/diesel) will be the last straw to trigger it….

Robert Olson says:

Hope you didn't invest your stimulus

Harry Osborn says:

What does a female know about economics? Natural selection specifically crafted them to be submissive and illogical/emotional creatures. Hence why the demographics of Inventors and Scientists looks the way it does. This isnt meant to offensive, Im literally just makinga completely obvious, non-PC point. No way she knows what shes talking about.

Jeff Sutthoff says:

Recession will recognized when they want

Shaun Savage says:

Wow learn to hunt fish. Nice

MaxAva says:


MaxAva says:

The Joe Biden recession is coming this year

Smashback! says:

I urge viewers to this video to consider hoarding cash. It will make everything in this economy even worse, but I cannot reconcile funding my oppressive landlord's upcoming bankruptcy when I could put my rent money to better use. A consumer "don't pay your bills" revolt is the only thing the average person can do to protest all of this recession crap. It is chancy and perilous to do so, but it beats the alternative: an eviction notice on your door and $0 in the bank.

Don Jose says:

We are already in a recession.

Kathy Andersen says:

My mule is smarter than who is running the country

blazerbarrel2 says:

Diversion , disinformation , delusion . Deflection …. Lies . It is all contraction . Depression is coming . It was all about government spending and the loss of energy independence .

Marky Mark says:

100% recession and Global Famine. Hope you are all prepared…unless you voted for Biden, you deserve to starve.

Karl Krentzel says:

People who say there isn’t going to be a recession soon are gonna be in for a rude awakening….

marc blank says:

Of course no recession before the november elections

Greg Iles says:

"we pay the guys that release the figures, definitely no recession until just after the Midterms" : Joey B's Handlers.

Hello There says:

Let's go back to 2008 nothing to see here no worries nothing going to happen and then boom the crash has spoken. These people talking are the last people you want to trust. People start preparing now it always happen when you least expect it bottom line. No one knows when this financial Holocaust will arrupt

Below Me says:

Building (china) back better

Making china great again

Terry Rowsell says:

If I have observed [anything] of today's world that is [true], it's this. There's [little to none] value in talking to this [lost world of today] if you do it with the [hopes] of getting them to [listen to you]. We have a [world full] of people that are [living in denial] of everything that is [real & true] while they are fully fixated onto everything that is [DECEIVING] while observing it as the [TRUTH]. I have beaten my head with these very puzzling issues & even asked myself if it would serve any [value] to state the [OPPOSITE OF TRUTH] in order that this [lost world] might receive what the [real truth is]? This thought came about to me because I read in the Bible that "WOE UNTO THOSE WHO SEE {EVIL AS GOOD} & {GOOD AS EVIL} & was able to [SEE THIS} happening [EVERYWHERE IN OUR WORLD'S PEOPLE] of today. This made me realize [SOMETHING VERY SPECIAL] in Prophecy that has [ALREADY HAPPENED] to today's people & it really [HURT ME INSIDE MY HEART] as I realized this reality. I found in 2 Thessalonians, chapter 2 that "GOD SENDS THIS {POWERFUL DELUSION}" upon the [PEOPLE OF TODAY'S WORLD] & he explains why he did it. God advises that he sends this [powerful delusion] upon the earth's people {BECAUSE} they have chosen to believe a {LIE} so God makes them to {BELIEVE THAT THESE {LIES} ARE {TRUE}. So what we are seeing is [GOOD] being seen as {EVIL} & [EVIL] being seen as {GOOD}. I will close with this as an {EXAMPLE} of what God has brought about with this [great deception]. In the [homosexual community], they {BELIEVE} that God is {OK} with [HOMOSEXUALITY] when in {FACT/REALITY}, God is {NOT OK WITH IT} & [SODOM & GOMORRA] are [EXISTING EVIDENCE] today if you care to [VISIT THESE SITES]? God, in concluding in this chapter 2 of 2 Thessalonians {STATES VERY CLEARLY} that the {ETERNAL DESTINY} of those who are living [UNDER THIS POWERFUL DELUSION} is {HELL}. I [HOPE} you {CARE ENOUGH} for your eternal soul to {SEARCH OUT THIS TRUTH} & {ASK GOD FOR FORGIVENESS, RIGHT NOW}, while you still have {TIME}? Tomorrow, you may well {CALL IN VAIN}? God Bless

Mike Lembke says:

As long as democrates are in control the economy will sink further

Jeff Dunnell says:

Is this the disinformation thing by the government,anyone with their eyes and pocketbook open kinda see the spiral of inflation,or their totally controlled media minds blinded from reality

Scott Reagan says:

There has been NO EMPLOYMENT GROTH UNDER BIDEN , just some people returning from the Democrats Shutdowns.

John Swafford says:

Who is this chick? She is flat out wrong

VancouverCanucksRock says:

North American leaders, are a bunch of Tyrant POS.

It’s Me says:

The amount of comments blaming “let’s go Brandon” is astonishing. This is a systematic failure, decades in the making.

Our stock market couldn’t last a quarter without rate hikes and QE cut. Shocking, companies without profit are now valued less.

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