EU unveils $220-billion plan to sidestep Russian gas

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The European Union Commission announced a €210 billion plan ($221 billion) to boost the bloc’s target for renewable energy from 40% to 45% by 2030, as part of efforts to move away from Russian hydrocarbons. CNN’s Anna Stewart reports. #CNN #News


Shawn Hall says:

Don't think your going with less fossil fuels. That's what the idiot in America is doing. Ask the people how that's working for them.

AcidBot66 says:

Someone believes American sponsored Boomerang sanctions on Russia, that backfired so spectacularly, are not bad enough?
The people are been told to pay the bill while the very politicians who take those pretty stupid decisions continue with their lives of plenty and doing business as usual…
For how long American and European people will tolerate this sort of economic self crippling mismanagement in their name?

Jun Lee says:

This isnt only good for the war its also good for the environment

Dave Webster says:

Nuclear power ftw

Mike Smith says:

The problem with the EU is you cannot get 27 countries to agree this is why we left because we left Europe are still trying to punish us because they lose our contributions. One thing we learn what Europe say and what they do are two completely different things
They’ve already said they’re going to boycott Russian gas by the end of the year. That’s already been vetoed by three countries one of them be in Germany so that’s not going to happen. Britain had given more weapons and help to Ukraine down the whole of the European Union put together which is a disgrace to the EU. Again what they say what they do two different things. That will never change they rely on the rest of the world to bail them out like Britain and America well they keep hold of their money and hide under the nearest rock

Danny Bagley says:

It's about time we started putting solar on building roofs. If the US put solar on all box stores, we could cut fossil fuels up to 40%.

jago singh says:

Great news!! Putin can sell his gas to his most unreliable friend, China!

Chris Namaste says:

Big price tag? The USA just sent 50 Billion to Ukraine and the EU is now going to spend trillions more in defense and is currently sending over 500 million a day to Russia every day for gas. 220 billion is a bargain once you consider the fact that the operating costs will be less over time. I am sure some corrupt selfish humans oppose.

Vedran Noneofyourbusiness says:

You WILL pay in rubles and you WILL be happy.

Tata Benid says:

This energy shipting it is now u.s. under control business because they control middle east that is why they want russia out of the picture this is big business..

Othman Othman says:

Good very good… lets see you plan Masters.
The Russian Red Army has never lost a war against the empires of lies…Without Russia the WW2 would not have been won….
Pay in rubles and stop freezing the Assets of the Russian Banks or seffer the consequences of the lack of Russian gas and oil …. more than half of the World with Russia… stop the acts of easy grapping…you do not learn from history because you do not want to.
Why medias of the empires of lies have never replied against the promises of no nato expansion eastward?because these medias are controlled by the empires of lies. 
URAAA … URAAA … URAAA… You are the best and with no equal. Give the empire of lies what deserve before they suck all your blood….they are neverever to be trusted as they are fatherless, valueless, family breakers, child kidnappers, foxy scavengers and coward.
God protect you forever

Jerome Carr says:

What if Russia begins sinking liquefied gas shipments?

Jerome Carr says:

I think they are going to need it long before 2030.

JCeeRoss says:

How beautiful

S J says:

Corrupt Biden. Anti American. Wake up.

name not available says:

So Putin has lost his customer base for Russian gas, has isolated his country from the rest of the world, has gained (not reduced) NATO partners on his borders, and has seen his military substantially degraded in an unnecessary war he himself began. Two questions thus arise: Why is he still in power? And why does Trump think he's 'smart'? Well, Tucker Carlson thinks he looks dreamy shirtless on a horse. I guess he's got THAT going for him.

Bruce Wislofsky says:

A similar situation happened when we cut off oil to Japan for invading China , we all know what happened on December 7 th

AWild. says:

What she said at 3:44 really speaks to me

Staffaynu says:

3:43 jesus christ hahaha I did not expect that

Robert says:

And burrr it sure does get cold at times in Europe at times

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