Covid: The unvaccinated patients in intensive care

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Covid booster jabs could start being handed out later this month, according to the Health Secretary Sajid Javid, who says he’s now just waiting for advice on who should be eligible. (Subscribe:

But what about those who still haven’t taken up the vaccine at all? Covid cases are some 26 times higher than this time a year ago, and the vast majority of patients in hospital are unvaccinated.

The latest figures show almost 39,000 new Covid infections across the UK.

A further 191 deaths have been reported, and there are currently just under 8,000 Covid patients in hospital.

We have been to the Royal London Hospital, where some 90% of Covid patients in intensive care have not been vaccinated.
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Joshua Monforton says:

This comment section shows how stupid YouTube commenters are.

Siniša Denčić says:

I had covid and simlar variant twice. It's like mild pneumonia with bronchitis. Tea, bucket and vomiting secretion (slime) really helps in order to breathe, unusual thing is only loss of senses and taste after sickness (that's like when I had Hepatitis A). It's not that bad. There was been worser flu like sickness that isn't reported. My father died probbaly from vaccine after two weeks when he was recived second dose (first time I got the covid week after his death) but he had also very old and it is normal thing that eldery persons dies from flu but not from vaccine.

J K says:

The fearmongering isn't working! More fearmongering is needed!

MrsSlocombes PuddyCat says:

Brilliant propaganda. Wonder how many people were terrified into getting the jab because of it. Luckily I totally avoided all such things, and managed to stay jab free until last month. But given everyone I know sick in hospital or sick at home with Covid, are double or triple jabbed, and I stayed Covid free all pandemic, have to wonder……..Better to do an ad, about all the people suffering life changing chronic health issues from getting the ruddy thing – I know plenty of them.

Greg Johnson says:

UK hospitals confirm: 93% of hospitalized COVID patients are vaccinated … FEB 10, 2022

George Spindler says:

A smoker died from smoking related diseases. Where is the outcry? Eight million every year. Covid doesn't come close. This is a sad case, yes.

corazon cabardo says:

You don't believe the covid vaccine so don't regret if you get covid because it was your fault not the government.

Tamera Mares says:

How do you "not remember??"

Katie Smythe says:

Stop mindlessly pumping them full of Remdesivir if they aren't responding to it. Not every medication works the same for every person. There are alternative treatments and they need to be considered.

Magnovska says:

Now show all the unvaccinated people who caugh covid and didn’t even had symptoms

T4truth says:

What a bullshit propaganda

Gary King says:

Too bad and the hospitals should not even be treating them. Also insurance companies should not cover them!!!!!!!


I could not breath . So I stayed home.

Johann Pretorius says:

Now show all the vaccinated ones. It was all going to be over once we got to 70-80%

RipLordInfamous says:

I’ve gone to the main hospital in Oklahoma City 5 times last year and never saw it overwhelmed. All of those times was unscheduled in the emergency room. The most I saw in there were about 15 people and none of them were coughing passing out or dying. I asked them if they are overwhelmed with covid patients and they couldn’t give me a straight answer. I don’t get how the media is trying to tell me hospitals are overwhelmed when I’ve seen with my own eyes that they aren’t. Keep in mind I’m in Oklahoma City. Half or more people out here aren’t vaccinated. I’m not saying this virus is nonexistent but I’m questioning if the media is purposely over hyping the severity of it.

Good luck everyone says:

Endless propaganda from channel 4

GoldenbanjoDJ says:

WITH covid
argument null and void

Jeff O'Grady says:

Love the drama on here, maybe you'll all learn to take care of yourself. Most all these people in hospital are not healthy but they're so delusional, and it shows with all the silly rules that don't work lol.

Jeff O'Grady says:

Love how no one health official talks about a healthy lifestyle. Those that are in hospital are and have never been healthy. Why aren't they mandating no smoking???

Ire139 says:

There needs to be a bunch of gyms with cots. Decided not to get vaccinated other than under doctor’s advice? Into the gym. People who need to be in the hospital gets it first.

Bruno Cass says:

Well if they do like France and other countries where the figures include people who had one or two doses because the new rule is 3 doses to be considered vaccinated, the results will always be incorrect. Soon 4th doses, so 3 doses will join the unvaccinated. What a joke !

ruby mae says:

They made a choice to not get vaccinated.. they should have to pay for every dime of their medical expenses if they get sick or just don't treat them at all they made their beds let them lie in them…. choice's have consequences

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