Celebrities Who Tried To Warn Us About The Hadids

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Celebrities Who Tried To Warn Us About The Hadids
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Adding to a long list of cancellations and callouts that have happened this year, it seems that the Hadids are next on the chopping block. With recent allegations coming out against Bella and Gigi, people are now looking deeper into the Hadid family’s past and many aren’t liking what they see. We’re filling you in on the Celebrities Who Tried To Warn Us About The Hadids here on Top 10 Beyond the Screen!

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Top 10 Beyond The Screen says:

Are you a fan of The Hadids?

Celeb Me Crazy says:

More celebrity news here https://youtu.be/WOSOMyBEEEw

N A says:

Listen to this video. It's pathetic & full of holes.
1.Kim was dictating how they should feel but =it's the Hadid's fault.
2.Selena broke girl code& jumped on The Weeknd the moment they broke up.=The Hadid's fault.
3. The woman lashed out at the girls. Yolanda responded= Hadid's fault.
4. Logan Paul attacked Zayn. Gigi responded=Hadid's fault.
5.Yolanda mentioned her illness. Woman threw doubt on it. Yolanda responded=Hadid's fault.

N A says:

5. Yolanda was just being a mom.
6. No one should doubt someone's illness. It takes courage to admit that.

N A says:

3. I think you should be questioning Selena Gomez breaking girl code. Who does that? She knew it was serious. Who knows what intimate, beautiful things were said between The Weekend & Bella? Just to have your girlfriend jump in as soon as you break up. Really this one is on Selena.

N A says:

This video is extremely unfair against The Hadid. This video presents stories that are inconclusive.
1. How dare Kim K demand to know where anyone stands on ANY subject.
2. You don't know what Kim K said to them on the phone. She is very sharp tongued. Maybe she was rude, aggressive & unreasonable?

Sylura Lindsay says:

I think that what Rebecca Stamos said was nothing but facts. They did get famous from their parents and not because they earned it. All that plastic surgeries is not going to make you beautiful forever and your parents won't be there to fight and pay off everyone

LucidDreamer says:

It's not silly just bc you don't understand it, there are serious issues going in in the countries they are from

Tasha Elton says:

You changed the way you doing the list you usually countdown from 10 to 1

Art by Mazin says:

Trust me they're sweet ♡

hb says:

they can unfollow whoever they want.

Amal Saad says:

warn us!!!! as they are devil!!!!

pancakesandtea says:

So transparent what's going on here, trying to smear the hadids so the Palestinians plight isn't talked about as it should be. Whatever you are trying to do you shamless person, we all know as a world Palestinians are under a lot of suffering, Israel is an apartheid state, that is a fact. A road for Palestinians/Arabs with checkpoints that are inhumane and a road for Jewish people Europeans with free movement. And then gazans are being held prisoners, with a siege that hasn't lifted they can't even get medicine in so they dig tunnels to get the basic necessasities. We need to stand up against this

Kim Jong-Un Has A Mangina says:

You can’t tell me gigi and Kendall would be living the life they are if they came from regular middle class families

Malin says:

Bella and Gigi are many things but they’re incredibly intelligent, they’re of culture

Elpocakoca says:

What perfect timing. Just when they spoke out against apartheid.

Hannah says:

I personally really like Gigi. She seems really intelligent and down to earth.

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