The scientific basis of acupuncture meridians

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We speak with Dr. Alejandro Elorriaga Claraco [MD (Spain), Sports Medicine Specialist (Spain), Director of McMaster University Contemporary Medical Acupuncture Program] about the science behind both traditional and neurofunctional acupuncture. Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioners discovered favourable access points to the nervous system that they labelled as meridians. Anatomy and physiology explains how these meridians follow peripheral nerve and arterial pathways as well as myofascial pain patterns.

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Jacek C says:

Scientific basis = western beliefs ?

SirMrDrEsq MD says:

I'm here cuz I got a stomach bug, and i read somewhere that apparently there are legit studies done on acupressure nausea relief… CRAZY! I wanted to undersrtand how that stuff works

Vishnu Sharma says:

Modern medical doctors today can cure cancers, diabetes, liver and kidney disorders, brain disorders and they are the only practioners who are working hard to keep society disease free.

Krav Magal says:

And where are those sweet sweet fonts and references so we can evaluate what you are saying by ourselves? You know who likes to refer themselves while trying to proof they are rights? Gurus and cult leaders.

Michael Koffski says:

Was a skeptic until I did a free session to see for myself. It relaxed me to the point that it put me to sleep. I now do it regularly for stress and anxiety.

T JKM says:

there is no scientific way explain why each human has a different soul

Infinite Quest says:

Beautiful that they can see below the skin.

Star Wizard Man on The Star Wizard Ranch says:

After a few sessions of acupuncture I propose to the lady because I couldn't believe what a difference it made me feel. If you can find a person that knows acupuncture and they were taught the right way it's the most wonderful thing you can ever experience especially if you're in a lot of pain.

ooo iii says:

To the people talking about science.
Chinese medicine have thousands years of history. Who care about science, Why need to compare with science?
Eastern culture are very different from western. If we use eastern mind to justice science, science is bullshit.

Mikkel Raffnsøe Koefoed says:

This shit has never shown any positive effect in any independent study, except for possibly pain relief. All I ever hear from these quacks are anecdotal evidence or some vague bullshit about ancient china and 'qi'.
These people just want your money.

Common Humanity says:

Hello Kinetic Labs, I have recently included your video in my Playlist Chi Oneness, hope you like it.

Jordan Lazaro says:

It's so enjoyable to see how many people who have no medical degree talking down on people who use acupuncture and Chinese medicine when many board-certified neurologists promote the use of acupuncture and TCM. Furthermore, Harvard, Yale, John Hopkins, and other major research institutions have published papers that give strong evidence to the efficacy of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Just because something can't be explained, it doesn't mean that it is not science.

Ta Na says:

I personally think it’s more scientific than talking about releasing energy. I think it’s just like a pain killer, a short term solution to distract a pain, not a permanent solution. If I m in pain and doctors can’t do anything but giving me a painkiller, I may go.

Death Midi says:

0 value in this video. magical thinking only

philip spencer says:

There is no science in this video, its just some guy talking

Oasis오아시스 says:

this is way over science! historically more than western medical . scientist and western medical still does not know why the unknown disease coming from. they are still guessing. there are lots of unknown disease. and Dr's just give people chemical medicine without clearly known the reason of diseases. and it can have many of side effects. but acupuncturist studies both western and oriental medical together. they use both ways . it touches our deeper point of nerve system. and it makes circulation of body fluid, blood and helps hormone balance as well. they touches unseen our body energy with acupuncture method and it truly works for chronic painful patient as well

Bikers View says:

Is it possible to reduce excess growth of supraorbital ridges on forehead by acupuncture treatment..?

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