Scientists FINALLY Discovered a NEW Way To Travel Faster Than Light!

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When you want to travel a long distance, say from one continent to another, you book
an airplane flight, expecting to spend some hours in the air. However, when it comes to
space travel, you need to travel faster because all the points of interest are so far away!
Space explorers have always been searching for a way to travel faster than light, which
will allow them to get to deep space more quickly! Basically, all the methods discovered
have significant drawbacks, but scientists have found a new way! How does it work?
What are the requirements? How soon will you be able to travel with it? Join us as we
bring you a new way to travel faster than light!


leine12345 says:

So much to discover and mankind still makes stupid war on our own planet. Man im so in this future but i think we will never reach this stage of "mankind" to discover. Often i think theres some higher cultures which are watching a few of "mankinds" if they can solve and handle prehistoric problems. Like this story of "contact". And we are still very far from it. But for now we have to solve our Atomicwar problems.

Sekurm says:

so we need Exotic matter which prob doesnt even exist lmao

Oliver Wood says:

they are not gonna succeed until later in the future closer than you think but not in this timeline yet

veljeezy says:

Can I buy shares of this company on wallstreet?? Y’all are earlyyyyy

Bill Reynolds says:

Is it just me that thinks about random objects that you will hit when travelling at or faster than light ?

Cody Jordan says:

If Han Solo can make the Kessel run in 12 parsecs, why not travel at greater than the speed of light???

Austin Levreault says:

Even 1% the speed of light would open up so many possibilities. That would be enough for humanity to explore the universe if we worked together.

stuff And Things says:

We have no idea what's on earth? Let's go to space wreck that to!

Zanroff says:

What's the old way to travel the speed of light?

Cr4 The Gamer says:

That thing looked like subnauticas ship ngl

bm phil says:

How do you plot the course for your destination while insuring that some matter(or dark matter) won't be in the way.
Hitting a rock the size of a car moving at that speed might leave a mark…..
We have air traffic controllers to make sure planes don't collide…..we won't have space traffic controllers to dodge space trash…..

Dru Driver says:

I well recall the notion the the sound barrier was inviolate and would never be “broken”.
Engineers spoke of how to break the sound barrier the frail human body would liquefy.
200 years before that if you told someone that people would fly across the world at 500mph you would have been called nuts.
As for FTL travel yes we will get there.
However the reality is it will be at best my Grandchildren who MIGHT see it. Realistically absent just insanely good luck such drives are likely 100 years off.
But we will get there.

Dru Driver says:

The jury has spoken on the EM drive it’s bunk.

Clement Marceau says:

Sorry guys, but traveling at speed of light as been worked on since the 1925, and has been kill by the US gov. in the 50 and 60, The NASA which is a gov. military outfit and not scientific, like like they would like you to know. They are hiding the work on gravity and refused all the people that worked on the subject before for their own advancement.

John Do'uh says:

EM Drive was debunked in peer review in Germany!

Rocky G says:

Don’t say scientists if it’s Elon musk

Lap Nguyen says:

we need to speed up our technology to travel faster than light so we can explore the big, vast, ocean ! xd

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