Blac Chyna Suspect in Battery Investigation, Allegedly Kicked Woman in Stomach | TMZ

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Check out the video which shows the aftermath of the alleged attack…you can hear the alleged victim say, “Did you feel good when you kicked me in my fat-ass stomach?”


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We love Hollywood, we just have a funny way of showing it.

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no need to say says:

Another sad video of re enforcing the stereo types of black people. It is beyond pathetic.

Carolina Ortega says:

Nothing to see just ghetto people

Jose Orta says:

where is Black China…they all "Fat" black china has smal waste big bank.

Phuong Le says:

I have no clue what the fuck
I’m watching

Kristopher Richmond says:

Drunk asses tryna figure some shit out at 6:30 in tha morning…… Y'all needed to take y'all's asses to Roscoe's and go to bed……

Volkfire says:

Are they in Mexico or something

Shaina Gambles says:

What’s going on?

Kristina Lozano says:

This is too one sided

Matej Slavicek says:

How are we going to build another Black Wall Street?

EricaYE6 says:

She's a celebrity and she's still out here fighting in the streets? I guess that saying is right. That you can take them out the hood, but you can't always take the hood out of them.

MostHated818 says:

Kardashians are loving these ghetto antics.

Alekos says:

She is a low class liar

Democrats Suck says:

black china who is this
isnt she a pornstar or something. probably. big tech sexual perverts aka liberals own platforms so this is what tehy push. sex sex sex sex! if it feels good just do it! so awake….sooo enlightened lmao

Bubble Gum says:

Her and her mama will never get any where in life .these two are absolutely miserable

Bubble Gum says:

Not black chyna ..the one some of y’all went so hard behind ..

Hannah says:

More EVIDENCE to be used against her, appealing her case would be stupid, she would have to spend more money on lawyers!! She better be careful because the IRS will take her to court and take all the money that she has left….she hasn't paid taxes in 3 years!! PLUS the Kardashians will take her daughter!! They have even patented her name so she can't make money off of it!!

blue balls says:

Grown adults acting like high school kids.

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