Live Forex Trading – Top Trading Strategy That'll Make You A Pro Trader

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Live Forex Trading – Top Trading Strategy That’ll Make You A Pro Trader
The main thing to understand about the Forex market is that the price of currency is constantly changing.

Right now, for example, the euro is worth $1.2, and in an hour it will be $1.19. The value of one currency, expressed in another, is called a quotation. Each such quotation falls on the chart in the trading platform and puts a point on it. This point is automatically connected with the previous price mark of the asset. In this way, a price chart is plotted in real time on the Forex market, and traders sit in front of their monitors or smartphone screens and watch the chart change in order to understand when to start trading.

We have already mentioned a common modern solution – leverage. Its essence is that the brokerage company adds its own, additional funds to your own funds at the moment you open a transaction. The value of this generosity varies from 1:1 (when you trade with your own money) to 1:500 (when for every dollar you have, the broker adds another 500).

Also, brokers often allow their clients to trade smaller volumes than they trade in the market, that is, fractional lots. The standard minimum deal size is around $100,000. However, many brokers allow trades with a tenth or a hundredth of that amount.
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