Police release new video from Alabama jailbreak

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Police have released video of a missing Alabama inmate and corrections officer. The video shows Vicky White guiding Casey White, who is charged with murder, into a police car before they were seen driving through an intersection not far from where the car was abandoned.

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Recrat Demopublican says:

It would of been cheaper to buy a vibrator or use tinder

501mbm says:

Yeah…. Thanks for that brilliant example of letting the fugitives know to ditch the Ford Edge!! DUH!!

Vinny L says:

Its Joe Dirts sister

Betty Martin says:

She she died

Rod Weeks says:

They gonna live happily after ever in the trailer park.

Gobo Fraggel says:

I am still wrapping my head around how a woman about to retire would throw it all away like this. If she was lonely she could have gone to any number of countries and had the company of many men, young and old, with her comparative wealth. She could even have found true love. She knows the age difference, she knows how miserable life on the run is going to be, and she knows she will run out of money and she won't be seeing any retirement checks to help. She threw it all away on a man with nothing to lose. Vicky, you can save yourself by turning him in and serving some time. I hope you will read this. It's not the end for you, you can change things.

Chris Barber says:

Not surprising. She has that dim, hillbilly look to her and maybe she thought she might have been related to the guy which made him all the more attractive to her. We are talking about the south afterall.

Bob Bemister says:

Not a jailbreak when the cops escort you you .

Rick Maldoo says:

Whoa!! white besties alabamma on the lam

Ømega Əight says:

They are on a boat near the gulf coast

Headless Robot says:

They picked bright orange for the getaway car.. lololol that'll be hard to spot haha

odd Ozzi says:

Watch your babies they might need one. Long live "raising Arizona" yee haww

uhadme says:

Funny how many angles the pigs have of this incident… but they hid angles from their murders in the prisons?
Yes, we see the criminals.. and they are YOU.

ryan wagner says:

there should be better protocols for transferring an inmate. how the heck did she just walk out the door with him?

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