Bruno Mars – When I Was Your Man (Lyrics)

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These are the lyrics to the song “When I Was Your Man” by Bruno Mars.


Zianya Itzayana Gómez Cerón says:

People Is saying they're heartbroken and i haven't had my first kiss yet lol

Soufian Ali says:

I was trying my best but that wasn't enough

Dominic Heywood says:

A heart can be broken and fixed . i don t know anything about Heartbreak but it hurts .

Emer Ashwad says:

this is for my LDR malaysia(me) & her(indonesian) song

Luani Rebeca says:

Essa música é linda

Eva Dm says:

"to young to dumb to realize…"

Nicolle Robinson says:

For some reason, it reminds me of my mom who left me. And she has a whole new family, so sometimes I come back to this song because it reminds me of Everything i couldve done diffrently.

Lourenzo Dwane Atienza says:

APRIL 24 2022 …..:)(

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