REPLAY – Russia cuts gas to Poland, Bulgaria: EU's Ursula von der Leyen holds press conference

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European Commission president Ursula von der Leyen said the announcement by Gazprom “is yet another attempt by Russia to use gas as an instrument of blackmail.” Von der Leyen lashed out at what she described as an “unjustified and unacceptable” move underlining “the unreliability of Russia as a gas supplier.” She said a meeting of the gas coordination group was underway, adding that the region’s 27 countries are prepared to weather Russia’s cutoffs.
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Peter YO Kahuii says:

huh if russians were banned on trading goods and services how does your theroy stack up, do you know what banned is, no dealing with nobody

TheCengeh says:

Why is she complaining? EU has been saying that they will ban Russian gas supply for weeks and now when Russian stopped it, she is saying this is blackmail?

raj says:

Do you want free ?

rokidbay kidbayro says:

Germany is to blame for this and the Merkel legacy…..their economy is actualy dependent on Russian gas.

Arthur Morgan says:

Well good Job .. If I don’t pay in the market they will black mail me as well

Lucy Flores says:

Provocation what a joke. The West Propaganda has to end, you are fired, you no longer represent the people.

matt matty says:

ol mate Putin will be the ruin of Russia

dave meyrick says:

Well you should or listened to Donald Trump. He did warn you not t be dependant on Russia.

Before they breach the backwalls says:

Green politics doesnt save the planet, it only slow the process. Planet earth not going to last forever. To save the planet we need to go back to the stone age and live our life like them. A life without electricity and factory

De Gulden Middenweg says:

How much money must one be promised to debit this lies.

mohammed haq says:

This is Not yous Gas ????

Swordsman says:

Long overdue.

Manas Sardar says:

all these tensions in Europe is simply because , if you are a NATO member you become a vassal state of US…..war can be stopped easily by the EU, but they dont dare because their Master dont want it…

Sherine Ahmed says:

Good luck for Russia and China

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