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Grab a SHIRT here : https://gidosfishingadventures.com/

Fishing line leader I use: https://www.bustedfishing.com/product/tasline-elite-white-fishing-line-by-the-metre/
Pole Gaff: https://www.bustedfishing.com/products/fishing-gaffs-and-nets/
Oceans Legacy Rods: https://oceanslegacy.com
Orange filleting knife: https://quietcarry.com/
Cooler bag(Yeti Fip 18) https://au.yeti.com/
Long cooler bag and Dry Duffel Bag : https://www.mapheox.com/
Tent(Space 1): https://www.wildernessequipment.com.au/Facebook :
Seasoning https://www.charbrobbq.com.au/product-page/char-bro-lemon-1

Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/gidos_fishing_adventures/
Patron: https://www.patreon.com/user?u=61845625&fan_landing=true

Heavy Outfit
-Reel :Shimano Stella 20000
-Rod: Ocean Legacy Genesis Prototype
-Line: 100lb Tasline and 200lb Momoi Leader

Fish species are
Western Blue Groper (Achoerodus gouldii)
Yellowtail Kingfish (Seriola lalandi)


Larry Tischler says:

I really hate going home after breaking off a fish. It leaves me pondering how to keep that from happening again.

John Welch says:

Big fish ,no screaming like little girl's TV fish show's good job.

Wade Lintick says:

Best film yet, and you do some crazy stuff,. As I have fear of falling I do not watch all of your videos to the end, not sure I'll get to end of this one. You amaze me.

P S says:

Amazing aerial footage! what type of drone do you use?

fishwhore says:

Good job guys!

Agent Sixx says:

Great video, What is you rod combo setup and line

S Marcoux says:

Can see the smile on his face best trip of his life with some awesome company.

Kevin Craig says:

the piranha of the sea

Nicolas Carvalho says:

don't fish a spot when u can't land and release the fish in proper condition, this video is a perfect example, drag this poor fish on the rock, one of the two guy have no clue how to hang tight a fish… ok the spot is really amazing but common guys..

FOON LAU says:

your camera makes me dizzy!

Derick Jahnk says:

Mountain goats that like the sea.

Benny ThaMac’s Journey says:

Smoking bongs and catching grouper u guys had a great time

Drosophila Melanogaster says:

"My spot mate … "
Yeah, it did look pretty crowded on that ledge.

Titus Telesco says:

What is the name of that sun screen?! It looks cool haha

Darcy Shaw says:

Location ;P?

HMR fish lovers says:

i love this channel, iam from indonesian fishing channel

Greg Johnson says:

you really should try those leatherys , great eating

Miguel Mendes says:

On 15:52, thats a kind of trigger fish. In portugal they are great as fillet. Try it! Gonna like it.
Good luck taking that skin! 😉

Jack Galloway says:

Wicked, Gido!

reuben paries says:

Ta Gido. A timely pick-me-up. Deeply enjoyed as usual.

Andrew Babineau says:

Not sure if likes and comments actually help but… keep the fresh content coming. Great vid as always

REVENTON33 Atilla3547 says:

Gday Gido, living the dream I see, how are you mate, was that I thought what your Dji battery at 2:00 .? Nice work with the upload, keep it up mate one of these days I look forward to learning how its done and getting out there. Brilliant Work.

Ricky Bizzness says:

What's the song at 5:07?

Adam says:

The problem isn't the worms you see, it's the eggs! Freezing kills the eggs, but obviously not an option camping. I do it too even knowing this! haha

Joe Dirt says:

Sick to see how appreciative your mate was to land that fish. Nice trip boys

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