Ukraine War: Ukrainian & Russian forces continue to fight in Kharkiv

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Ukrainian soldiers continue to fight off Russian forces around Kharkiv in northeastern Ukraine, however Russian state television paints the area as a success.

A Russian General has said Moscow wants to seize all of southern and eastern Ukraine as he revealed plans of a new phase of the invasion.

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GoldenPantaloons says:

What sloppy use of cruise missiles by Russia. Not only were the targets not military – they were barely targets. And hit with lone missiles instead of coordinated salvos. What a strange and bad use of expensive armaments.

Wilfred Ademokun says:

Hahahaha, grandpa is making funny statements. Ukrainian government is the one to give Russian federation government conditions, not from Putin or Putout's government. Ukrainian government is not ready to receive and orders or conditions of surrender to the people and government of Ukraine.

anonymous says:

i upload videos on russo ukrainian conflict from the russian perspective thank u

Marius Stan says:

Russia is doing the same in Ukraine today as it did 30 years ago in Moldova's Transnistria. Only then was Russia helped by Ukraine, which sent volunteers and allowed the Russian army to reach Transnistria. The Ukrainian and Russian military have created a criminal state inside Moldova and today history turns against Ukraine.

Rick6767rick says:

what was the name of the island they said that was hit by the cruise missiles ?

Violent_Bebop says:

NATO should be ashamed for not negotiating peace years ago, blood on your hands NATO

Edwin Castle says:

NATO agains Russia when ?

Lennie Abreo says:

Whole ukraine will be the ghost town if the war couldnt stop peace so elusive for ukraine so sad reality

riu perez says:

It's all zenensky fault suffer Ukrainian people

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