‘I’ll follow him to the end of the world’: North Korean veteran news anchor thanks Kim for new home

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North Korean leader Kim Jong-un presented a few of his loyalists with new riverside flats in the capital Pyongyang, including local veteran television anchor Ri Chun-hee and radio announcer Choe Song-won. Expressing gratitude to the North Korean leader, the pair doubled down on their commitment to Kim’s leadership, with Ri saying that she will “follow him to the end of the world until my last breath.”

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CryMeARiver says:

That’s crazy how you can’t just make money and buy a house the Supreme Leader must give you one

Aaron Blain says:

The YT channel Phuong DPRK Daily has news clips and other media with English subtitles added. This news anchor appears in many of those videos.

Dito Adikta says:

Luxury residential district she said

crying from my apartment right at the heart of Canberra CBD

aadz93 says:

Wonder if these people saw Kim Jong Un jump off a bridge and die in the process would they follow?

momo and her sweet girl clumsy says:

I still feel happy for her, every country has it's terrible and hidden secrets…

Kid Emperor says:

She tryna survive. She sellin it tho

J. Clarence Flanders says:

What’s really sad is if anything it’s a nice prison. She and her family must know that the apartment is bugged, and that they are actively being monitored in that apartment.


Kim is happy because she is his NO.1 propaganda machine teller

Suanne says:

It is nothing but part of many propaganda.

Cheshirekat says:

Unfortunate deluded woman has no idea that he could have her executed on a whim.

Emperor of Antarctica says:

Communism to a T

Me D says:

“I will love you until the end of time
I'll be your baby
Now promise not to let you go
Love you like crazy
Now say you'll never let me go
Say you'll never let me go (say)
Say you'll never let me go”

Sun Delong says:

Her royalty for Kim is genuine cause all her life she devoted herself to honor three Kims.
My husband who was stationed in Korea 1973 told me he can hear her voice throughout field the middle of night as propaganda.
We die same way we’re living

jimin trash says:

who tf cares

Ernie says:

Cell de luxe.

pushpit ahuja says:

0:33 sounds like dinner

Tang T says:

Their apartments, given so freely, make the HDB flats in Singapore look like slum holes in comparison and Singaporeans and foreigners are still jacking up the prices to almost over a million.

Ric R. says:

People shouldn't judge until they actually experience both sides of world. Even the West or Democratics have the elites while the lower class work their butts off.

Some guy named Zwie says:

I will follow him
Follow him, wherever he may go
There isn't an ocean too deep
A mountain so high it can keep me away

I must follow him
Ever since he touched my hand I knew
That near him I always must be
And nothing can keep him from me
He is my destiny

Kyanna Estorninos says:

Pity. Raffy Tulfo news anchor in the Philippines is worth $54 MILLIONS 2021. NEWS ANCHORS MAKE MONEY. That is nothing. Mayor Isko Moreno gave condo half of that size for slum areas. VERY POOR PEOPLE IN MANILA, PHILIPPINES, about more than 1,000 families. Philippines President will give 1 MILLION HOUSING FOR 1 M POOR FAMILIES for 2022. SO SAD. COMMUNIST COUNTRIES ONLY ELITES ARE COMFORTABLE BUT THEY SAID COMMUNISM IS FOR POOR.

Good Luck says:

For a veteran newscaster who served decades in media in other country,this is just a small flat and could had been more than big if this respected lady is not a citizen of north Korea.

Ojay Is Ojay says:

Question is can she say anything but praise? She's the public face of tow the line or else…

colonizemj says:

Notice how all these people who got a flat were people with jobs that spread Kim's propaganda

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