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In this episode we’ll be sharing with you our top Interior Design hacks when it comes to designing small rooms whilst also sharing some tips on how you can implement these ideas into your own spaces at home.

Sophie Paterson Interiors is a London and Surrey based design studio specialising in luxury residential interiors throughout the UK and overseas for both private clients and developers.

Led by Sophie our experienced team of talented interior designers and interior architects provide a personalised design service to create detail driven, luxury interiors that perfectly suit their context, the client’s needs and will stand the test of time.

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Bea Moon says:

I love watching your videos, as an introvert myself am drawn to your calm and true nature. Your content is top quality and if I was able to have my dream home would love to have you as a designer!

sb yoga mix says:

So incredibly helpful!!

Ning Liu says:

Sophie, you and Olie created a lovely you tube channel, surprised that high number of people watching but didn’t.

Mary Lutkenhaus says:

Would you consider a collaboration video with Julie Khuu? Or Garrett LeChic?

Mary Lutkenhaus says:

Hi, Sophie, your projects exude luxury…how do I achieve those looks on my small budget?

Gwen Wade says:

I see many million of subscribers noting your superb content. So it shall be.

GoldenBoy says:

How come you look so shy when presenting? is the cameraman intimidating?

BB Rosser says:

I like all of your design ideas. You design beautiful spaces everytime.

It's My Life Daralynn says:

This is a very nice quality video . I enjoyed watching you as you explain the details of each interior space. Your voice is so calming . Thanks for sharing .

Roxanne Brown says:

Thank you❣️

Gloria Saliba says:

Love love your channel you deserve 1million subscribers – about to embark on a full renovation of my 2 bedroom apartment here in Sydney Australia so wish I could engage you to help me with this mammoth project

Clover Amy says:

Thank you for showing affordable bags . I really enjoy your straight forward, clear presentation. And the bags @ are really elegant and gorgeous. Tried many times myself .

CB says:

Such a helpful video! Thank you!
Could you do a Tips for a small garden video? (I.e garden furniture, tables, benches etc)

Arman Avagyan says:

Subscribed to Instagram account too goddess

Arman Avagyan says:

Liked subscribed

Shuning Li says:

She is so beautiful! Love all her works, creating calming and beautiful environment for others, just like her, calm and beautiful! Thank you! I wonder if you learn such things in interior design class at all. Thank you Sophie!

Margaret Wambui says:

Hey just came across your channel today. Am obsessed with your tv wall decor. Is that a picture frame or real shelves with vases and light ?

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