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Hungary isn’t all that popular with the EU at the moment, with the union calling into question the legitimacy of the recent election. So in this video we discuss the EU’s plans to punish Hungary and force them to comply with Rule of Law.

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Rendszerhiba says:

So lets clear these "issues"…:
0:37 – It is only fair if liberal fascists are in the majority (like in weestern eu), in all other cases it is not fair.
1:29 – The old constitution was a patchy version of the communist constitution. Its text stated that if after 1989 any government party acquires the constitutional power, it has the right to write a new constitution instead of a Stalinist constitution. It was possible in 1994, they did not live with it, but in 2010 they lived with it.
1:42 – As is well known, before 1989 Hungary was a member of the communist bloc. The vast majority of judges remained in the judiciary from communist times, so-called blood judges.
2:00 – As a government party elected by a huge majority (for the 4th time), think he had the right to exercise that power. Who their people want to explain this from the losing side.
2:22 – By 2010, the so-called mainstream media in Hungary dominated 95%. Now roughly 60% main stream – 50% not main strem are teh ratios. His proiblem is that they havnt got 100%.
2:35 – Segregation means to them: teachers who deal with disadvantaged people are able to catch up. Liberals don’t like it because it’s efficient and works. Of course, for those who don’t like it, by some miracle all are the organizations of the open society foundation…
2:55 The 80% is about ~40% (including social media, and online media), just to make it clear.
8:16 – This is not true, universities are still funded by the state, but it is used through foundations, so it is not a minister who decides, but the local foundations of each university.
3:20 – That is not true either. The "CEU" was the only university in Hungary where a non-Hungarian degree was awarded without any educational activity in the country on whose behalf he graduated. This is called gaining an undue advantage over other competitors. All such universities complied with the new law, only the open society university couldnt. How interesting is that? Anyway, he didn't close it, he only had to clean up the non-Hungarian degree courses.
5:00 – The eu parliament is not a legislature, no matter what nonsense they vote for. It is a "nothing", which costs billions of euros.
6:20 – Only Poland? Well, if the others clearly sees this, and they realized that they could be the next, thee will be more support…
6:50 – "Highest inflation in 15 years." Yes, so for 15 years there was no problem, what is the average in the eu? About as much as in Hungary.

Antz Wilkz says:

Time for Hungary to go their own way. Change the rules to get rid of them.

David Wilder says:

Always enjoy your very clear graphics and explanations.

Pixel Shade says:

I'm half hungarian, and I just hav to say, DO IT! Fidesz has been corrupting Hungary in a slow and steady pace for years. It's hard for hungarians to notice these small changes over time, but they add up to something quite sinister. My dad come home brainwashed by Hungarian state media every summer he visits Hungary. Thinking that Putin is a great and strong leader. and that Victor Orban is a really good guy and a great politician. No wonder due to the self-promotion happening in state owned Hungarian broadcasts. It doesn't fit the bill to be anti-EU while still enjoying the grants.

John says:

Fucking take them out like a bad tooth !

Vardek Petrovic says:

Hungarian inflation is common, and the people used to it. Reevaluation of the forint seems likely in the coming years.

Vardek Petrovic says:

Hungary has a trade surplus thus joining the scandinavians and a few others.

Vardek Petrovic says:

No the "rule of law" stipulation was against the corrupt governments of greece and spain that has gotten 154 billion euros from sweden with no return. Spain is the most corrupt country with a major economy in europe, this has to be solved and not a single penny more to them.

Vardek Petrovic says:

Sweden supports hungary and is appeantly willing to give gripen NG planes even to hungary in case of war. The NG is better than any Boeing crap-

Vardek Petrovic says:

Article 7 is pretty clear! You can not undermine any country of the european union. Not by financial means, neither by political means. READ THE F****ng document! Any such attempt would be seen as an act of war!

Osquar says:

Make them quit. They can join Russia! We don't need or want them.

Szabolcs Kecskes says:

The main issue with the penalties that ,the current Hungarian government can turn it to their own advantage for a long time. They would simply turn it into "another unjust penalizing of the Hungarian people, because they dare to have a different opinion". They are going to simply cater to the "victim mentality" what is embedded to the last 4-5 generation of Hungarians.
The current government is really good at this. The majority of the Hungarian population remembers the "thought-control" of the communist governments, when people had to think and act according to "party directives from Moskow". These people can be influenced emotionally with rhetoric against it, it just needs a new external target. Now Brussels is painted as the new Moskow with the "requested" way of thinking and acting. It needs 30-40 more years until this attitude will be slowly fades out completely from the population with the passing of people who remember communism. …but till than anything what "Brussels wants or does" can be demonized.

Vardek Petrovic says:

George Soros is as hungarian as Slobodan Milosevic is greek. LIES!

Vardek Petrovic says:

98% of all media in sweden is owned by the government or the government friendly oligharchs like bonnier and shibstedt.

Vardek Petrovic says:

No it can't sweden will veto any such move. Poland would as well. No The entire premise is rediculous. Hongary will leave the EU when swexit happens. The strong bond and millitary alliance is still there. So no, not ever.

fidelis auve says:

All the because he refused to accept mass flow of immigration

Mimi Lee says:

I have no sympathy for George Soros, but why am I getting a "pot calling the kettle black" vibe from this Orban guy?

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