The difference between Biomedical Science and Health Sciences at uOttawa

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Hey future Gee-Gee! Are you wondering what the difference between Biomedical Science and Health Sciences is? If so, then this is the video for you! We will explain the difference in courses, careers paths, opportunities outside of classes, and much more!

00:00 Intro
00:43 What is the difference between BIM and HSS?
01:08 What do you love about your program and why did you choose it?
02:02 What kind of classes did you take in your first year?
02:35 Can you get into medical school with both programs?
03:10 What can you do after your degree?
03:43 How can you incorporate your interests in your program outside of class?
04:54 Outro

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Sarah Gates says:

Shoutout to Maritsa, she was my tour guide when I first visited Ottawa U and did a great job! I’m going into health sciences too in fall 2022

Ikpon Victor says:

how much is tuition/housing and all (fee) for Bachelor of health science for an undergraduate student??

Devanshi Pandya says:

can you tell me the job opportunities related to health science?

Hounkpatin Emmanuel says:

This video was genial !!!

Hounkpatin Emmanuel says:

I do speak both English and French
Please ive applied for Masters in Biomedical Eng.
please i need help to get a These supervisor.

Ryhem 2602 says:

Is it true that we need to study 3 years biology then medicine !?
Please i need information

Peace Oyinkansola says:

Another question i have is, How diverse is the school?

Peace Oyinkansola says:

you have no idea how this saved my life. I wish i could screenshot the amount of researches i’ve done on these two degrees just for info. I think i made up my mind after watching this and I’m going with health sci. Hope to get an acceptance next year cuz i’m in g12 rn

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