3 Reasons To Get Your Health Science Degree | Is a Health Science Degree Worth It?

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Thank you to the countless number of selfless healthcare professionals who have been working to keep us healthy during this pandemic 💜
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Hsu Thazin says:

hello, I want to ask you some questions about heath science bachelor scholarships? I'm from Myanmar. I am a final medical student in my country. If I want to attend bachelor courses, do you still grant me scholar for B.Sc. If you grant, how much percent?

With Tariq says:

I paid the 60 dollar and the website tells me to pay it again and no one is replying to my e mails!!!!

Austin Chirwa says:

Am health science undergraduate student at unversity of the people , am proud it be part of the student in the unversity!!!

Haron Ahmed says:

It's quite interesting subject that fascinates me quite definitely.

youness misbah says:

I'm a health science student in Uopeople, and I'm proud of it.

Sanjay Babu says:

Mam after completing BS degree and Cracking MCAT can I join MD in USA Medical schools

Jacqueline Masuka says:

Enjoying being a Health Science student!

Maha Fadaq says:

Thank you, I am about to graduate with Health Science Bs and I am looking forward to continue in medical school 🙂

Jumoke Victoria says:

Am proud to be an health science student thanks for this video

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