Nicotine Addiction Timeline (how vaping nicotine makes you feel)

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If you are thinking about vaping or thinking about smoking this video is a must watch. If you are thinking about how to quit smoking or how to quit vaping this video is a must watch!

Have you ever wondered how nicotine makes you feel? Have you ever wondered how vaping or chewing tobacco makes you feel? In this brief video Dr. Frank the founder of AddictionMindset Recovery Coaching sets out to explain how nicotine makes a person feel. Nicotine effects everyone differently and how nicotine makes you feel depends on a host of factors.

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Nicotine has both positive and negatives to its use. At first nicotine might make you feel good, but once nicotine addiction sets in you start to feel very different. Nicotine addiction is a rapidly growing problem with the vaping epidemic among young users. We need to start having an honest discussion about nicotine addiction if we want to have an impact and help people quit.

Here at AddictionMindset recovery coaching we help people quit all forms of vaping, smoking, and nicotine addiction.


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Ryan H says:

It's like we keep trying to chase that first nicotine buzz

Melinda Lehmitz says:

I just recently had no choice but to quit, although I knew I needed to quit I really didn't want to because I actually enjoyed it just like every other person who smokes, Then I found out that I had to quit for a surgery that I have to have soon, and I can't ever go back to it, so that day that I found that out I decided I would quit the very next day which was Feb 1st, my husband also smoked and he has wanted to quit for a while and I didn't which made it way to hard for him, which of course I feel bad now for not wanting to. I guess I haven't had to many horrible withdrawal symptoms thankful for that, I have had tremors in my legs and of course I have thought about smoking at certain times of the day and I have 1 day that I was super agitated, so I took a nap, my husband on the other hand has had way more issues, headaches ect, but I had him watch your video's and it's made a huge difference, thanks for that!! some of the biggest helps for us had been to keep busy , I'm unable to work at the moment so I do craft's and he when not working works out which is probably why he had more issues but we both agree that we don't want to ever go back to smoking I know that it's only been 1 week but I actually feel pretty good about not smoking for the first time, on a side note, I never smoked in my house or my car and didn't freak out when I couldn't smoke either and at the most I might have gotten close to a full pack but I had to be super stressed or PO'd but have been smoking for 30+ years, keep it up Doc, tks

sander Edits says:

my doc is better than u

sander Edits says:

i dont like u doc

sander Edits says:

i do whatever i do to my body sir so shut up

Grace Hartwick says:

Thank you so much! This journey hasn’t been easy but it sure does make it a lot better knowing there’s people like you. I appreciate it a lot, coming from a place of rebellion in my early teen years and now 18, can’t shake the habit. But I’m gonna keep taking steps forward.❤️

Jrcomedy_ says:

I was stupid and thought I could use weed to stop vaping nicotine and then when that didn’t work, Vice versa.
Now I’m balls deep in both and everytime I try to stop my mood swings swing a lot harder and last longer.

Shaf Serious says:

Age 41. Helps me keep away from cannabis and crack

L L says:

I started smoking to curb my binge eating. Now that I'm quitting, I'm binging again. Two demons to slay, one core wound to really heal T_T

Rifth Hasan says:

Really thankfull to you sir❤️

Nima Nadi says:

Hello there, I just want to thank you for these amazing motivating videos. I'm watching your videos almost every night and there are helping me to keep my quitting process. I have quieted weed for 3 week and i'm keep going and start for other things

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