Rob Kardashian Finally Reveals How His Family Destroyed Him

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Rob Kardashian Finally Reveals How His Family Destroyed Him

What happened to Rob Kardashian?
Rob has been MIA for a while now and his family rarely even acknowledges his existence in public.

Not a day goes by that we don’t hear an update on Kris Jenner and her five daughters, Kim, Kourtney, Khloe, Kylie and Kendall.
But what about her only son, Rob Kardashian?

So how does Rob feels about his family’s fame messing him up and how is he doing now?

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tricktaylor1983 says:

First of all kim is fat, Khloe is fat and Rob is fat. However Rob doesnt sport "shapewear," have all his public images heavily photoshopped or have major plastic surgery.
Theyre all entitled narcissists but having a dad worth 40 million and then landing a wildly successful reality show in your late teens and or early 20s that makes you financially successful beyond your wildest dreams then you too might come off as an entitled narcissist.

Arini Mayang says:

So, the Kadarshian girls and Kris support Scott, the man who hurt Kourtney so much, more than they support their one and only brother/son? So funny

Christine Smith says:

Rob need just forget about the sisters n mom. Do him. He is very attractive heavy or slim. He has a beautiful smile. Just concentrate on co parenting his daughter and do what makes him happy…keep ya head up Rob.

Mariam Wanjiru says:

Is being fat anyone's bessness.

Tesssla Kimmo says:

Why doesn’t he get plastic surgery like his sister a

A K says:

Don’t act like you never shout to your sibling to get da fuck out that whole town can hear.

Worry about your own family if you got time to shame them.

Nawel Salem says:

I think little to no one understands that Rob has never been able to grieve and recover from his father’s death. The grief turned into depression and he’s never been able to deal with it in a healthy way. Could his mother have been a little more helpful in helping him deal? Maybe. Was we willing to face his demons and multiple members of his family offered to help him and get him therapy. No. He was housed and fed by Khloé for years. His weight problem is a symptom of a deeper problem. If you watch the show, you realize Rob is constantly excluding himself as much as he can from family occasions and business opportunities. He is depressed. That’s it. Stop blaming everybody else for his problems.

Peggy Graham says:

Reason why his reason with Black Chyna failed.. Sad

lindsey says:

Wow this is ridiculous especially since all of these girls mess with their bodies and faces in a negative way. I also come from an all girl family and if I had a brother…….I’d love and appreciate him so much.

Rosetta Mccoy says:

They are selfish people I guess that's how you have what you want in life I dunno

ChronicinOkla says:

The Kardashian Jenner women are vain and toxic. The stans are even more toxic. I hope he finds his happiness regardless

James Crawford says:

That’s real rich coming from Kim k and Chloe who looks disgusting with their bbl surgeries.

DeepspaceAlien says:


Jenny Hillman Aunt Jenny says:

They destroy EVERY male, ROB. You’re not alone.

Champagne Rose says:

Feel sorry for u rob

Judith Ryle says:

Stay away from those women. You are so much nicer. They are all so shallow all they think about is posing half naked

sophia harari says:

You're not destroyed Rob. Be grateful that you're not in the famous hookers club.

KarenE says:

I guarantee that they were embarrassed of him because he was overweight. He was the only one that looked like a normal human being in that family. I mean damn..I just watched a video where Kim said she was disgusted because of what her sister was wearing and that it didn't go with her LOOK! And that's just so snobbish! So imagine how they felt about how the brother looked. And that is just appalling. The way those sisters are is just so fake. They don't even look like people. They are like mannequins. Look at Chloe now. She completely doesn't even look like the same person! And hell…I also garantee that Bruce Jenner was influenced being around all those woman day and night and all the makeup and dress up that went on. Lol they influenced a man to want to become a woman. Who knows if he really always felt that way his whole life. He might of really only wanted to be a female when living 20 years with them. But anyway I hope Rob is doing well and that his conceited family will one day love him for him

Andre says:

He's weak headed.


So it's Kris that's body-shamed
all her kids
That's why PLASTIC SURGERY is so prevalent in that family
Kris destroyed him

Lady Rose says:

Rob didn't want to work, just party and sponge of everyone else and party non stop. He also had 2 younger sisters,, he could of been alot easier to have in the house as he was a grown man by then. He gets stroppy for the benifits of fame and money without willing to do any work. I don't blame his older sisters for eventually getting fed up with his lazyness. He ended up unhealthy from the lifestyle, HE chose and blamed everyone else. He had all the money offered for the BEST private treatments for depression and his drug and food addictions but just wanted to party and play wannabe gangster. His mum loves him alot and tried to give him the best money could buy,,,, even though he regularly shat on her, was horrible to his little sisters, and cost his mother and sisters buisness and reputation loss. He is STILL provided for by his mother and now sponges child support of his baby's mum, and STILL money off his own mum . They guy needs to take responsibility for himself and the advice off his sisters. He's lucky ANY of them even look in his direction, with rob it always seems to be a 1 sided relationship of him take take take. He could of had any job he wanted. Modelling, university, literally anything he wanted. Sad he didn't become the successful man he could of been. His dad was apparently worrying about him on his deathbed,,, selfish spoilt sponging Rob could of been so much more. He literally fought for his right to be mummy's little baby provided for forevermore,,,, and he now has it but still isn't happy.


I definitely believe that the Kardashians emails had burned the brother out of the scenario. I mean he tried so hard just to secede as a Kardashian a real Kardashian a man who can keep your name in the family link. Just because your father had passed away does not give you the right to exclude a child a male child who can continue giving the Kardashians their fame. It’s sad because you do not see Rob anymore on TV I like Rob he’s a real genuine person he tells you the way it is but once he became obese because he was excluded from the family who became his family. Then once he had his child all crap broke loose there.and then he doesn’t even see his daughter that could meet someone go mad in their life.

Jay Taupiasi says:

This Kardashian family is a cult at the end of the day.

Lynn Potter says:

sounds like they mess everyones life up so yeah

Lynn Potter says:

and i liked Rob 🙁 well I still do but I feel bad for him 4 real

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