Moon Phases: Crash Course Astronomy #4

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In this episode of Crash Course Astronomy, Phil takes you through the cause and name of the Moon’s phases.

Why the Moon Has Phases 0:36.1
Spheres in Orbit 1:05.4
Name of the Moon Phases 2:25.5
How We See It 7:48.2

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Oakland Veretti says:

Moon man, Moon man can't you see?

Eduarda Liz Klaser Colvara says:

Love this video! I have a question though, considering both the moon and the earth are rotating and on top of that the earth is also revolving – how do I keep track of where to find the moon on the sky in each different phase, moth, etc…

Shakila Hussain says:

I’m here because I’m a teacher

una says:

haha hi someone maybe from my class

SLT says:

I’m here for the intro.

Vance Gilbert says:

I wonder what a spinning moon's effect would have been before it became tidally locked with one side always facing the earth. Is there a way to tell how fast it could have been rotating in it's history by looking at very ancient impacts beneath all of the more recent craters?

The reason why I ask, is that the rotating moon may have caused a longer duration to the heavy bombardment, if rocks hitting the moon got kicked up into earth's orbit to impact later that year or even next year when the earth travels through that region of relativistic moving space rocks that could just be 'sitting there' until the earth runs into it.

Duel Blade says:

2020 anyone

Bobos says:

comment section filled with nerdos bruh

Hafsa Dissanayaka says:

Our physics teacher told me and my classmates to watch cause we are doing online classes

AA says:


Coach Salim says:

Here is the whole truth about the flat earth moon phases

Ellie Davis says:

Anyone else a Wicca learning the moon phases?

1111MoonlightMessenger says:

Here for my own Metaphysical practice ❤️

Ethan Tin says:

I’m half caste, hahaha so funny

Bailey Min says:

come to the dark side, we have cookies.

Danial Khan says:

Make a video on how astronauts return to earth from moon?

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