My Experience Studying Biomedical Science (VS Medicine) @ University of Birmingham

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0:00 Intro
1:21 Teaching in Biomedical Science
3:44 Workload in Biomedical Science
10:02 General Comparison to Medicine

Whats up guys! My name is Kenji and I am currently a medical student at King’s College London after graduating from the University of Birmingham with a Bachelor’s degree in Medical Science (BMedSci). In this video, I talk about my experience studying Biomedical Science at the University of Birmingham and how it compares to studying Medicine at King’s College London.

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Tutorials ke says:

Using Giesma stain in blood slide staining

Larry K says:

I've been binging on your videos today.. And I only discovered your channel this afternoon.. I've subscribed!!

Larry K says:

Which medical school did you enroll in? I'm asking from Botswana, Africa

Gigikhai13 says:

The Left picture is so cool bro.I am fell ın love with stethoscope.I hope ı will buy one day mee to.❤️

Christopher Casanova says:

Is it good to do both research and clinical medicine? Is it possible?

fruitjii says:

I wants subthai. Yeah

ron gee says:

My son is majoring Bio engineering at UCSD. Is UCSD a good fit for this type of degree?

S Silva says:

Is there a demand for biomedical science degrees now?

Annelise Nghixulu says:

When applying for medicine after a degree in biomedical sciences do you apply for undergraduate study?

Introman 101 says:

Been watchin your videos recently, hope you can advice me or anybody, will greatly appreciate it.
I'm a 30y.o. Band5 Nurse here in Cambridge and I'm getting bothered about really doing further study.
Some background, I'm a Filipino and my late father was a celebrated General Surgeon back in the Phils.
I'm still single but somehow feel like I'm too old to pursue Medicine, that's why I'm kind of hooked with Biomedical Science.
On the other hand I feel like if I'm goin to do the hardwork better just do Medicine and be a Doctor.
With my status right now (Alone, paying rent, Employer contract 37.5hrs of Nursing/week) it seems Biomedical Science is a more Practical option for me.
Do you know any programs (as an international graduate) that I can look up to see what options I have?
Obviously my limiting factor is Financial and my employee status. Is there any path like I can earn working as a Biomedical Science student and at the same time complete my course.
Anyone please.


Enjoyed keep up the good work! I work in CVD research here in Oxford.

Faheem M says:

Kenji, im taking a gap year, would it be possible for me to actually learn medicine during that time just by looking at ur med notes (also all medicine courses have the same content right)

Mohammed Khan says:

Hi brother , i
I need some tips on studying .. I can’t seem to be focused More then 10 mins
Can you help and recommend anything
that could help me to stay focused for a longer period of time

Milena Chaufan says:

Are you a postgraduate medicine student? Or are you doing all 6 years of medicine from scratch?

Funny says:

Am in Africa and I will be studing biomed. Can you please help me with how to get into med school after my undergraduate degree. I also need more insight on biomed

Oscar Obass says:

Is biomedicine and biomedical science thesame?

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