WATCH LIVE: Russian Pres. Putin intends to recognize separatist regions in Ukraine | Special Report

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orc says:

Support Ukraine!!! 🙂

Dejan Milovanovic says:

Ibternationsl law? Is that when UN voted for NO bombing Yugoslavia. U did what,bomb us and make criminal half dtate Kosovo. We have on kosobo churches from 1300 year's. U are last who can talk about international law. But propaganda keeps going 24/7

miachl myers Donutz says:

almost like usa declaring independence

Ishumaeru Ḫāraorda says:

God bless the Russian Federation fhe Donetsk People's Republic and the Luhansk People's Republic long live our beloved leader Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin

Michael Spiering says:

So much for Biden negotiating.

Аккон says:

ДНР и ЛНР выбрали Русскую сторону. Если Европа не согласна с этим, то это лицемерие.

Abdula Abdulaev says:

Wash your asses, Russian bear is coming

Deep Sleep-PG says:

Europe and America are engulfed in cancer metastases by russian spies.

Toma Kuz says:

ГОСПОДИ!!!!!!!!Спасибо тебе за Донбасс!!!!!!Путин настоящий мужик!!!!!

ItzAmari says:

Lol 1st comment

HilarityBribo says:

Putin outplayed and outsmarted obiden and his globalist handlers

Schweizer Balls says:


John Sisk says:

Sheesh, this is sooooooo blatantly transparent it is actually comical. The West had already coaxed Ukraine into an offensive to retake the Donbass and other region. So, quite naturally, they immediately implement a propaganda campaign across the West painting the picture that "Russia intends to invade Ukraine!". That way when Ukraine (at the insistence of the West) executes its own offensive into Eastern Ukrainian in violation of the Minsk agreements of 2015 then Russia's own efforts to help protect the citizens in eastern Ukraine from slaughter can be called "a Russian invasion of Ukraine". The transparency of the United States CIA, the British MI6 and all of its politicians has actually been reduced to a grade school level.

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