The Only Stock Market Futures Trading Video You Need (Day Trading Tutorial)

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how to trade the stock market directly via futures. In this video, I will break down my trading strategy when it comes to day trading the Nasdaq 100 and what influences the market to move.

What are futures or indices – usually when we trade we buy or sell a stock, futures represent that stock and all other stocks in that category, instead of trading one stock we look at the overall stock market for direction and we bet on the market. you can choose to scalp or intraday trade.

The broker used:, (referral link for better spreads)

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disclaimers: for educational and entertainment purposes, zed is an experienced trader, results are not typical. The stock market is a risky place trading with cfds and leverage can be very voaltile.


Zed Monopoly says:

The broker used:, (referral link for better spreads)

Learn how to trade

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DMLK CS says:

This is just my personal opinion but its to dangerous to play futures. I stick with stocks exclusively. I don't even mess with crypto.

martin miannay says:

I'm a noob to this. But I don't get it. If the market is bearish wouldn't that mean that you should short it?

Volmer Ovidiu says:

what's your overall yearly gain? percentage wise. Thanks 🙂

j m says:

Unbelievable Zed. Thx again…the G.O.A.T. Skills, . street smarts, integrity.

Declan Higgins says:

Thanks for another great video Zed, beard is gone, I am debating whether to keep mine or not also.

ghandidaniel says:

the knowledge you have is really impressive i need to take notes

Mr S says:

Couldnt have explained it simpler bro, thank you. #teammonopoly

Ben Ryan Black says:

What a load of shite


do you do futures in your course/group?

CLOPPS says:

I love this guy so much. We think and teach alike. I don't know why some hate him for sharing the truth. We need more info on indices UK 100, NASDAQ, US 30 etc… God bless you real hard Zed.

yakir aloni says:

unbelievable !G.O.A.T

Speed Racer says:

Hey Zed I just had a question, what do you do when you're up and take that last trade that gives back most if not all your gains? I struggle with this "more is never enough" syndrome from time to time and can't seem to get it to go away

Romeo Lives says:

The best tutorials on YouTube! Great as always brother!

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