Report: Trump May Have Taken Classified Material From White House

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According to the New York Times, after Donald Trump returned 15 boxes of documents to the National Archives, the department found possible classified information in documents retrieved by the National Archives. Reid Epstein, who helped break that story, joins Lawrence O’Donnell to discuss.
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J LA says:

More important question is what classified documents are not in the boxes.

Alkatrz says:

How many laws has this guy broken? And he was chanting Lock her Up his whole campaign.

Gustavo B. says:

Trump for prison 2022

Ralph York says:

What happens when you give the guy who got fired 2.5 months to clean out his desk. There is a reason corporations lockout critical systems and have a same-day walkout policy. Look at what this clown nearly did with his exit window. Appointed people to 'mole' for him while he tried to coordinate a coup. In Canada, it's 2 weeks. Just sayin'

Higher_ Pwr says:

The heading is misleading. The classified evidence was taken out of the WH and found in his home and removed from the Mar A Lago location by the authorities.

Mike Oxtincts says:

Anyone else notice the closer we get to '24 the more heated covered they're coming up with regarding Trump? It's almost as if the liberal media is working FOR the Democrats. Time to regulate the entire broadcast and multimedia industries for force them to work for the GOP as well as the DNC

Miguel Solano says:

Fire Garland he is trumpter

Barry Willis says:


Wanuby says:

But Hillary's emails?!?!?! HAHAHAHHAHAHA

Elaine Kay says:

A whole year of classified material being read by who knows who? Wonder how many copies of documents he made?

Rebecca says:

Lock trump up. lower case because he was a low class previous president

Ttom Gast says:

Can't we just ask Putin and Russia to recover the missing documents ?
It worked for Trump .

Shiny Mew says:

A year into Biden’s horrible presidency, and they’re still talking Trump fantasies, LMFAOOOO, gottta love the distraction.

Rebe Vera says:

Of course he did.

Grandraplady akaAMB says:

I wonder what else was given to his handler. PUPPET. A real mess, yes I said it. Why America, what were you thinking? Think about how Hitler came into power, is this what you want to happen again?

David Brandenburg says:

theres still plenty in florida, problem is that its in the sewer pipes!.

Simon Corona says:

If it's criminal, Trump tampered with it. That should be criminal.

Kelvin McCaleb says:

Lock him up

Percy Williams says:

He did take classified information and he already should be locked up. The guy is a threat to national security and should be locked up for the remainder of his life

anna gordon says:

Trump has rich white mans immunity from any prosecution. We are watching this fact in real time and it cannot be denied. Meanwhile a black man is murdered in his sleep before even giving his name. This country is not trustworthy on the world stage.

Scott Flesia says:

Fake news. No named sources. Not sure and we don’t know, not necessarily, what do you think? Not even a Trump supporter but this is bs. No hard facts even reported. Waste of time as usual

Richard says:

Given everything that Trump has done…why would anyone want him back…he is a loser…he lies almost all the time…he is a suspected criminal…add to this low intelligence and you have the essence of Trump.

Scott Flesia says:

Pay attention to the words “may have”

Cory's Customs says:

the walls have been closing in for over 5 years. someday you will realize they have been pulling your leg

H A says:

That’s what happens when you put a criminal in the WH.

hughess004 says:

Remember how the GOP crucified Hilary for having an email server. I'm sure they will be just as vigilant re national security over this LOL… Not.

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