What Does Nicotine Addiction Feel Like?

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so, what does nicotine addiction feel like? it’s something i had never experience before i started smoking, and honestly i wish that somebody had put in into words for me, but nobody ever did. as such, today i’m gonna be trying to put how nicotine addiction feels into words. hope you enjoy!

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Mark Carnell says:

Could you please throw that box of basics at your hat and say I caught a squirtle. M.E.C.

Irfan Indrabayu says:

Yes correct. Relief…

Try a cigarette that mix with clove. Gudang Garam, Sampoerna, Djarum, etc… Smoke it after eating spicy food with rice… perfect…

Yahhas says:

Also you can continue whatever you were doing, you aren't high or anything but actually you can concentrate better and do something for a long period of time.

In love With da loud says:

Supreme hat fresh

Lenz Weller says:

Idk if it’s just me but every time I watch any of this guy’s videos and watch him smoke a cigarette, it doesn’t look like he’s enjoying it? Like when he exhales he has that “eww that hit was nasty” look on his face. Like he just wants to get rid of the smoke out of his mouth as fast as he can. I mean I know it just looks that way I’m sure he enjoys it his whole channel is about cigarettes lol so I’m sure it’s not true but he just looks like he’s forcing those cigarettes on himself. At least to me it looks that way.

Zoop says:

Best way I explain it to people who never had an addiction is that it’s like having a toxic relationship. You been with the other person for so long and your lives have became so intertwined that u can’t imagine living without them. They become a way of coping. Every time your separated from them you don’t feel like yourself your mood changes you physically get sick, you need that other person to feel whole even tho their not good for you and are actively making your life worst you think of the good old times and letting go of the other person is just so hard.

Mr Flower says:

When i quit smoking i Feels like when u break up with someone always stay with you when you’re sad lonely depressed

Fist of Belial says:

When I first tried to quit smoking, I quit cold turkey. I really didn't WANT to though, I just had to for reasons outside my control. It wasn't too bad, after a week or so things got much better and manageable. When I started again and quit afterwards, I switched to a vape.

Big mistake. I always had an 18mg of nicotine juice and I was hitting that thing all day, everyday. After a year I quit vaping and that experience was 10x worse than quitting plain cigarettes. My body was so used to having so much nicotine from vaping that when I quit (cold turkey), I had a 2 month bout of severe depression. It was really awful. My advice is to avoid anything that delivers a strong nicotine hit, period. I smoke a pipe now and I have no problems when I need to set it down for a few weeks at a time.

I'm never touching cigarettes or vapes again though.

Nicht Verfügbar! says:

I´m smoking like 3 years now, but i wouldn´t say that i am addicted to it .
btw i like your contend allot its so relaxing keep going !

Nicht Verfügbar! says:

I´m smoking like 3 years now, but i wouldn´t say that i am addicted to it .

btw i like your contend allot its so relaxing keep going !


I'm not addicted to cigarettes I'm addicted to cigars

The official T09 says:

When I don’t do it,it make my mouth water uncontrollably

Ayo Mr White I got Drip says:

honestly I wouldn't mind nic addiction if cigs never messed up your lungs

Joshua Aubrey says:

At least for me, I know I could quit If I put the effort In, but I don't want to. I go down to the garden or on a walk, sit alone, light up a cig, and think. It's a very pleasant experience.
It's actually something I enjoy, and for more reasons than Just relieving a craving.

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