Tradingview Pine Script Programming Beginner Tutorial

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This is a tradingview programming tutorial for beginners to pine script. I show how to code an indicator using tow exponetional moving averages (EMA) and calculate the crossover and crossunder to define the crossing point that can be used as sell or buy signal in the chart.
Then I display the signal in the chart as a label with an arrow (up or down) and a text (buy or sell).

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nihat hayyo says:

please help
The Add to Chart operation failed, the reason: line 16: Mismatched input 'lbl' expecting 'end of line without line continuation'.

Ezineus Hades says:

nice video man i subscribed, but is it possible To Make Automatic Trendline & When Break It Give Automatic Alarm.. But Starting Point Trendline Is Fractal 2 Period.. Example When Fractal Low Is Higher Than Fractal Low Before It Automatic Draw Trendline And When Break That Trendline It Give Alarm?

HassanRamadan2027 1 says:

Need help w part 17 anyone please!!!

Andy Atmosphere says:

have you tried backtesting such strategies..??

p c says:

brilliant! well explained and code is clean

Spiro E says:

GM, Thanks for the tutorial, I trying to create my own index and was wondering if you can help? ( called the > Spiro Relativity Index "SRI" ;-)) … I would like a horizontal line that cuts through like a normal horizontal line does, but this index will break it into 5 categories, 1) Total candles it touches and or bisects, 2a) Red candle bodies 2B) Red candle wicks, 3a) Green candle bodies 3B) Green candle wicks. Is this possible ? PLS HELP Thanks in advance Spiro

mohd umar hafizi says:

Hye….the video was awesome, Buddy can you tech me if we already create the Pine scrip strategy..
1. How to change pine scrip from public into the Private scrip.
2. How to invite friend.

Jeff Ellis says:

Excellent tutorial


How can we avoid repaint? so that the signal is fixed and does not disappear

369 BUSSINES says:

Sir I like your videos you are doing great
I have an question sir,
Their is an indicator name nadaraya Watson by Lux algo in his pine script there is an word " 8 bandwidth" could you pls elaborate please
Thanks you

Jesse Sanner says:

Shouldn't they all be built in fuctions?

Jesse Sanner says:

Why can't I get the label part to work?

Yu Shen Tsai says:

love this tutorial, and I'm trying to edit a script by myself, but I can't use autocomplete (ctrl + space or tab doesn't work both) as you do in the video, could you please tell me how to fix this problem?

Aydın Akbuğa says:

Good job. please keep continue

rivenblades says:

Can you do a tutorial on custom translate manipulator?
I dont stand the fact that when i move something with manipulator, the manipulator disappear at mouse movement and reappears only when operation is finished.
I want it to be like 3ds max and maya, mo disappears

kamel mohammad says:

Very nice, I certainly like to see more of this

jdawg says:

Is this 100% cloud and only cloud based (i.e the charts, the stock data and your scripts are all hosted in the cloud?)

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