Rescue Dog Hides In The Corner Until The Right Person Comes Along | The Dodo Faith = Restored

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It took an hour to get this scared rescue dog out of the car — so when she claimed this guy as her dad, he knew they were soulmates ❤️

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T Rock says:

Boy if that doesn’t bring a tear to your eyes, I don’t know what will.

khfan4life365 says:

My dad’s rescue dog was scared when he was in the shelter. Eddie (the dog) was timid and shy, hiding in a corner, until we took him outside and played with him.

Pets Rescue says:

thank you , thank you

Darrell Robinson says:

And I have a right to say what I'm saying because I have a pet I know how they get when they know love they will give it back to you so just just love her don't hurt her and don't have nobody around her that she don't know okay cuz you don't know they might be your friends and everything but some people you know evil just always watch her and take care of her and keep her around you

Darrell Robinson says:

God bless you we need more people like you and me who love animals God bless you and it is not her fault you know she don't know and I'm so glad that she got you to be her owner keeper forever don't transfer her to nobody else cuz she trust you you are her protector okay and I'm proud of you

Darrell Robinson says:

I don't blame her if y'all was abused I'll be the same way this baby is

Darrell Robinson says:

You put them in the shelter's these people be abusing these animals even when they be in the shelter so y'all got to get these animals time to trust you okay time time to trust you is took out the time to find her a good home please start giving these animals that cannot walk and get them little Wheelchairs and stuff to help them walk don't be trying to make them walk cuz that that hurts them but like I said it's a special place in hell for all of y'all that abuse animals because if you abused animals YouTube use anybody you look beautiful child and it's a special place in hell for you

Darrell Robinson says:

Before I start let me just say my phone is in my son's name he was murdered this is my way of keeping him alive s it's a special place in hell for all of y'all that abuses God's animals believe me it's a good thing that y'all be doing one thing I have a problem with when y'all get these abused animals and you'll see that they cannot walk I don't know why some of y'all be trying to make them walk your job is to get them special made Wheelchairs and stuff so they can get around and y'all supposed to be going after the person that did it and put them behind bars and when you're finished healing these animal innocent animals find them good good good good homes just because somebody say they like I love animals you can't trust everybody that's why they're baby is terrified and she don't trust nobody cuz she don't want to be hurt no more

WynneL says:

I'm so happy that I'm like, ugly crying.

Mary White says:

I think she's home!!

z says:

You can see how much she loves him!

Kristine Munholland says:

LOVE this~bless you, Darvish, for making her trust again

Red Heart says:

Darvish is a saint.

Sonia R says:

There is not one photo of this dog on his Instagram page. I hope he still has her.

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