Adults abandoned at birth turn to genetic genealogy to find biological family: Part 1

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Andrea Klug-Napier and Ben Tveidt learned they were “foundlings,” or abandoned at birth by their respective mothers.


Ss Sw says:

This is so heartbreaking….

Neftali Ramirez Hernandez says:

So beautiful family baby bonita perfecta giratuful for you! Sending out friday love amén de Dios bendiga saludar adiós memoria

Timothy Thomas says:

I have walked many miles in the shoes of an abandoned person. The search for answers has been long and lonely. I was abandoned in a brown paper sack in a parking lot in Southern California in the Spring of 1968. My search began, officially in 1991. I found a file on me which was documented by the Department of Children's Services. I found an old newspaper article captioned Shopping Bag Baby which said the Police found no identifying information or clues. I need assistance. Can anyone help?

Dragonfly Hill says:

In a hospital all babies are “baby girl” or “baby boy” plus the last name.

Dee Muldoon says:

Please understand that a mother to leave her baby behind she must have been frightened and alone and had no one and to give birth alone and be in pain and no oneir to help her.So sad .let us be thankful she went through her pregnancy. I'm sure it was difficult but she gave birth and gave a family a child. Remember christ carried a cross and fell 3 times.Dont judge but support and help

RFeeOC says:

They we’re lucky to be adopted after abandonment. There’s nothing worse than the mistreatment of babies and animals because of their pure innocence. Had these babies not been abandoned they likely would have had difficult or horrendous lives growing up with those people who are capable of abandoning a baby. Assuming they were adopted by good people that is.

Learning America says:

20 years ago NO ONE could imagine there was going to be such a thing like genetic genealogy… People just left the kids somewhere and pretended they wouldn’t hear about them again… oops.

Jaklyn Saylors says:


Marie Belle says:

Where is the rest of it

Nancy Petersen says:

So often those who abandoned do not want the past to come forward?

S W says:

People need to understand how badly we treat women, and the particular despise reserved for young unmarried women. This is especially important now that anti-abortion conservatives are going to force women to carry unwanted children to term.

katherine owian says:

I will never comprehend how a mother can abandon a baby, unless she is protecting it from an abusive situation. At least baby-girl Beach was left in a hospital. The boy was not so lucky, thank GOD the teenage boys found him so quickly. Both were fortunate to have had loving adoptive parents.

Baleed Ali says:

We do work. It's outside

R H says:

I was abandoned by my dad. He left with his children, my half-sibs. At over 40 yrs old, I met my sibs. I never ever thought it would have the impact it did. It was like someone picked me up and threw me against a wall. Not just regarding my sibs. The pain and damage my absent father caused me began to envelope me. Before, I never thought he had any impact on me. There's been positive and negative aspects from meeting them. It's a very heavy thing to go through. There are no words to describe it. It's a unique experience that only people who've been through it can understand

Jessica Cordon says:

Where is part 2

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