Why China Is in Africa – If You Don’t Know, Now You Know | The Daily Show

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China is having an increasingly problematic influence in Africa’s politics, labor practices, and infrastructure. If you don’t know, now you know. #DailyShow #TrevorNoah #China #Africa

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Nik110512 says:

Talk to me about France and what they're still doing in BEAC countries.
The West continues to do far worse to African countries.

Nicola Hoelzl says:

China already bought much of New York

Desperado Shao says:

hiring locally????? are you kidding me? Do you want a project to be finished in 5 years and do you want China to hire those unskilled workers? how much time do they need to spend in order to let these workers learn their skills??? man, everything takes time, and it needs to be done step by step, China doesn't use 100%of their workers right??? that means they do hire workers from local.

劉劉 says:

If China only takes over your airport but the Americans take over your country ; which one you would prefer ?

Desperado Shao says:

Well at least China is saying that to African countries" if you don't pay, u gonna pay me something back"
no like the Europeans" we gonna take something away from you, just let you know. oh i'm sorry, we already took them…"

Tuan Nguyen says:

They been colonized africa in 2004,

blahblah says:

Don’t pretend you didn’t know this before, U.S has been doing this decades.

linda silkwood says:

This is happening all over the world

Godesky Baba says:

Africa is like a beautiful but naive lady who is constantly sexually exploited. China may not be Africa's Knight in shining armour but better than the West who will stop at nothing to bleed Africa dry. Such a shame that as Africans, we have so much but do not know how to put it our economic advantage. As much as I know China also have their interest, I will still welcome them than Western countries that have exploited and keep exploiting Africa!

Deepak Raj says:

Mainland Chinese ppl are the same as their goverment. Their mind n knowlege is corrupted by beijing. #boycottbeijing2022

Ong Eng How says:

You got an agenda in Anti China.. there is no proof on China company taking over any infrastructure.. all just accusations.. Chinese company is not equal to China government.. many anti Chinese sick people out there.


Tell us what western countries are doing in Africa, specifically France and US. # NO MORE

FL says:

Similar things are happening in Bangladesh, Pakistan and Sri Lanka

EXPAND says:

It is funny how the US takes trillions of dollar from other country as a debt and then tell others not to take debts. Who cares if china leases a port for 99 years for forgiving debt.

Aiden Zhang says:

Westerns: Asia products shoes for us that are the best way to live. Africa? Why are you want to wear shoes? You have been hunting animals for thousands of years without shoes. Just keep it.

hh 06 says:

It’s part of the business contract between China and Africa so it make sense.

It’s like how the US owns Alaska cuz Russia sold it.

So honor your contract

Koduri Venkatanarayana says:

China is not bad, bro, just ask our brothers and sisters there. Definitely not bad as the different shades of us , all over the world who have forsaken them. Public venture by a Chinese government is surely more human than King Leopolds Heart of Darkness. Actually , China is a professed Marxist country and it is just trying to enrich rest of the humanity as much as it did in the case of its own people. Don't read a Saint by a crooks philosophy or view a moon on a jagged mirror . Tesla is never a new Ford but different philophy.

12noontyme22 says:

Sharecropper scheme. You never get out of debt and you wind up owing the oppressor.

SPQR7117 says:

Pointing at America or some other Western country as a form of "oh yeah, well these guys did it too!" does not absolve China. Are we to believe that two wrongs make a right now?

Regnyly says:

Guess too expensive to afford his life in US. Got to say what he is asked to say. If people in Africa is still willing to “work” with descendent of slavery owners and believe whatever their media wants you to believe, then they will deal with whatever consequences will be.

Six GEAR sensation says:

China is doing to AFRICA what the British did to Hong Kong for 150 years. The British lease was up in 1997… China is also taking over Jamaica.

Jim Christl says:

Keep thinking China will do the right thing…lol

Hamza Ghazi ً says:

I beg you stop using WION as a news source , they are heavily biased and known for spreading xenophobic and racist agenda aswell as heeps of fake news.

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