Tour de France 2021: Stage 5 extended highlights | Cycling on NBC Sports

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Relive the best moments from Stage 5 of the 2021 Tour de France, an individual time trial from Changé to Laval Espace Mayenne. #NBCSports #Cycling #TourdeFrance
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Tour de France 2021: Stage 5 extended highlights | Cycling on NBC Sports


Mark Lange says:

Thank you, NBC Sports, for covering the Tour so spectacularly well!!!

Chris DuBois says:

Am I the only one that claps and cheers while I watch this ? 🙂

Tim Taylor says:

do they gotta man trophy guy for the complainers now?

Cooking Parker says:

The jealous seed previously meddle because william neurobiologically disarm across a poor cork. woozy, white periodical

45 fottuto stronzo says:

16:45 pogi casually throws away his elite Krono bottle

r m says:

Is Lance doing podcasts this year?

tranjose says:

Commentary has been rather boring. Little historical / geographical flair and banter.

American Pride says:

I couldnt hit 30mph on flat ground in a sprint, idk how people can hold that for that long

AxD says:

It would be great if they could show next to the team and country info the drugs being used by each of the riders. Like Pogacar, UAE, SLO, EPO, HGH, Testosterone – and dosages, of course.

Timofey Gerasimov says:

lol "[Mark Cavendish] spent the whole ride around the course just dreaming of what happened yesterday" 😛

Robbie Barroll says:

Can someone tell me how Martin is doing. Is he out of the race?

dnaturalblues says:

Mvdp would have won with a well ventilated mtb helmet, that homemade eggshell just trapped too much heat. His face was swollen red. Eggshell good for hatching yellow chicks, ventilation good for flying yellow chickens!

Colnago experience/tech (w regular brakes) likely a factor too…

JS Mariani says:

Taking it easy at 35+ minutes. Let's see. Add one minute per year of age difference. Multiply by 2. Sure I could take it easy and get it done in 2 1/2 hours.

Karen says:

Iron Men on carbon fiber wheels.

Eric T says:

Hey you Frenchies stop wearing those stupid masks!

Roy Munson says:

When the world needs a hero, lance armstrong

Luis Gonzales says:

What happened to “Pocket Mortgage”?

MJ Hershfield says:

Thanks for the podium shots…roll on.

eltzrothm1 says:

We can see far too much of their genitals. It is funny but it's also.. C'mon son.

IFM says:

Where's Lance Armstrong? Does he show as an Ambassador?

txhuntsman says:

The most interesting parts of this race has been the sign lady.

Mike Poteet says:

What a joke!

Matt Keating says:

I don’t know why but I do really enjoy watching the time trials.

Darren says:

Did they get rid of one of the trophy girls and put in a boy? If so this woke crap has gone too far!

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