What Professional Software Engineers ACTUALLY Do

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Most software engineers will show you the highlights of being a software engineer, but rarely will they show you the reality of being a software engineer. So today, I want you to know what professional software engineers actually do – not just the highlight reel.


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Julius Tuazon says:

You shared well from your experiences and no doubt youve been there too. Godspeed

Edwin Lee says:

Fucking love your videos, nice one mate, I ve experienced the same from time to time… all I ve go to say, peace out! HUGS

Kamerton Audiophile player says:

It is educational, now I understand better why when I setup a new iPhone I need to scroll over all countries list to finally select yours, instead of getting your country from GPS instantly. Maybe software engineers need to reduce coffee consuming a bit.

Daegu Dude says:

Currently working at a startup where I work 10+ hours a day, mental drain is a real. I feel like I am learning less and getting things done less than if I did 8 hours.

Viv Wallace says:

I haven't even started working at a company yet and I am already worried about not being able to finish my tasks in time. I have had bad experiences about that with former employers (not in IT), although they never communicated with me that what I was doing wasn't enough and I also did in my opinion a very thorough job, but what they were looking for wasn't a thorough job, I believe, they wanted only the tasks done, but for some things there were no deadlines and the other things I always got it done within the deadlines. I even spent extra unpaid hours at work because I wanted to show dedication (I think that backfired, was instead considered incapability). When I was let go, it really wasn't clear why either, even when I asked.

Aysha Saleh says:

Thank you for speaking about the other side of standups!! I have felt anxious before and I thought it was an issue with me :/

Jay Crown says:

Definitely agree with all your points in the video. In my final year of uni and getting ready for the job hunt. Ultimate goal, like you said for yourself, is to be able to work for my self rather than for someone else's company so I'm still deciding between working for someone else for a few years or diving headfirst into freelancing. Love the video, it was very informative. Excited to see you uploading again!

TheCaptainLuffy says:

I have worked for 1 year now and I totally get what you saying! As a person who is creative and innovative myself, I feel that the company is holding my back a lot and I get frustrated over that. How do you guys deal with that, you trying to take more space, or having side hobbies?

bisark1 says:

imo its your own "fault" when you didn't make any progression during a day and have nothing to show on the standup. Developing is mostly a team effort nowadays and you should ask for help when you don't feel like making progression the next x hours

Savage Scientist Dev says:

I agree, day in the life of is a fad and will be as meaningless as product reviews. I am focusing on Data Structures and how to get a job in computer science. I have a scrum video of the actual scrum meeting.

k90 says:

This is why I like your channel. You're legit, and you don't use your computer science knowledge to flex and pump up your own esteem.

The 13:00 minute mark hit home. Literally the most true words I've ever heard.

arsnakeheart says:

Plot twist: the standups are designed to make you feel that way

arsnakeheart says:

An important point is that if you're showing inside the offices of a company, you're likely being authorized to do so, and no one would authorize you if you tried to make the company's workplace culture or whatever look bad, so this is how we get all these nice vibe lo-fi hip hop videos showing people chilling but not the hard, stressful parts of work

TheTower says:

Inside infront of a computer?
We got laptops nowadays bruh

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