The 76ers don’t like the current trade offers for Ben Simmons – Ramona Shelburne | The Jump

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On The Jump, Jorge Sedano, Ramona Shelburne and Kendrick Perkins discuss the type of trade offers that the Philadelphia 76ers have received so far for Ben Simmons.

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Howard Weiss says:

If he sits out for the year he still has 4 years on his 76er contract. Checkmate.

vegan skeptic says:

Imagine picking Simmons over Harden.

Bernard James Wilson says:

My best offer is a Philly cheesesteak and a pack of menthol cigarettes.

Bluehope says:

Trade him for a playstation 5!

the one and only ActionStar says:

I hope NBA should suspend ben simmons without pay. This kinda thing should be stop and punish. Like what james harden did and others. They are employees still with contract, they should be professionala nd honor their contract. Owners and teams pays them millions and they complaining and not doing their job. Ben is a crybaby and a stupid player. He should be challenge and not be a dramaqueen

jim bob says:

It's more about his attitude now, who would risk taking this sook and his massive contract on .

Feel Good Spud says:

He’s a super star!

oz choppa says:

its just getting sad now, sixer's dont want simmons, simmons doesn't want to be there anymore.
They've kicked him while his down so much his trade value has sunk, they guy obviously has confidence issues and shooting problems.
His not going to improve or his value go up until his on another team, unless they're whole intention is just to destroy a player mentally completely they should just trade him like they said they want to and everyone move on.
At the end of the day fans want to see player's play, not organization's destroy career's cause they don't like a guy personally, because he's shy, or quiet or whateva.

escamunich A says:

He's a superstar liability

Mohamed hassan says:

Trade him to Houston for Wall and 2 unprotected first round picks. Sixers get a decent PG and potential lottery picks. Rockets can build Around Simmons and Green.

Brandon I says:

Maybe go back to the Pacers and take Brogdon… and ask for Warren…

Tao Forte says:

The only realistic option for the Sixers is to try to get CJ McCollum and I doubt the Blazers do it.

Blank Draft says:

The Sharks will gladly take him for Jimmy Fredette.

FatO Dogy says:

She called Ben superstar… Relax woman… hes not, and he will never be. All star, yes.

Jim says:

Ben Simmons will never ever play for 76's… The more he won't play the less trade value will get…make a deal.

Starship Captain says:

He will be just like Harden and come back and not play hard and they will be worse off and forced to trade him, Ben has all the power. Sixers should take the CJ deal which is good for both and move on.

Mikel Moon says:

The best trade scenario that no one is considering is Ben Simmons and Danny Green for Kawhi Leonard.
Age and salaries this season: Ben (age 25; $31.590M). Danny (age 34; $10M). Kawhi (age 30; $39.344M). Key injury notes: Ben’s back and knee. Danny’s hip and finger. Kawhi’s knee and foot.

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