My Postpartum Experience (Recovery, Weight Loss, Breastfeeding, PPD & UC) | Sarah Beth Yoga

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This is a more personal vlog about my experience postpartum so others may learn from me and tips I’d like to remember the second time around. (open for links) ▶︎ POSTNATAL YOGA PLAYLIST:

Warning: boobs are being used for their intended purpose

Help: 2:05
Recovery: 4:16
Breastfeeding: 5:49
Weight loss: 8:59
Anxiety: 12:16
Ulcerative Colitis: 15:20
Self-Care: 15:46
Recap: 17:35

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Kassidi Norris says:

Thank you for sharing. My daughter is 6 months old. My number one thing I have been sharing with expecting friends is to get some new clothes. No one explained to me that my regular clothes were going to be too small and my pregnancy clothes too big. Having enough clothes to get through a week comfortably was a big help with my confidence.

Ella says:

So grateful for this video, Sarah! I enjoyed your yoga during pregnancy and now 8 weeks PP I really needed to hear your story. I had to stop it in the beginning as I got so emotional by all the great support you had. Being pregnant and giving birth during a pandemic has really been isolating and lonely. I also live abroad and most of my loved ones are in the States, so it is not even possible for them to come visit. I have realized I feel quite alone and lacked support. Now I have a better idea of what kind of support will be helpful for me as well as giving myself more grace that recovery is a process and takes time. Thanks again for sharing. Beautiful story, mother and baby!

Zillah Kaptein says:

Loved it! Thank you for being so open and honest about it. I sooo remember going to the hairdresser some weeks after giving birth and it was amazing 🙂 also agree with a small new wardrobe just to feel good with your new body. Thank you for this!

SoThatsNicole says:

Thank you so much !!!

Miriam Roos says:

Thank you for this Sarah Beth!
Question- what helped you with the shoulder and upper back pain? I had that too and it was very difficult to hold or cary my baby…

Charlotte Wyatt says:

Thank you so much for this video. Just having my second child and there is so much I relate to. Particularly in this crazy climate of social isolation and dealing with a toddler it's nice to hear sensible advice. The one good thing about the isolation is that there have not been any visitors – my husband and I used to have a secret code when people visited and I was getting too exhausted!

Emily Hosford says:

I am 12 weeks post partum, experiencing a lot of the issues you talk about here and also in quarantine so finding things pretty tough as don’t have access to a lot of support. Thank you for your post partum yoga series

Lexicakes89 says:

I'm glad you talked about post partum depression and anxiety! It's very real and very normal for many mom's to feel and address.

Mariah says:

Slightly off topic but I notice that your skin is so flawless. Before, during and after your pregnancy. How did you prevent or get rid of stretch marks?? Have you ever had any?

veronica gonzalez says:

spending alone time with God has been great, reading my devotional and focusing on the loving qualities of God. Sitting down and writing my problems and finding the root of the problem weather physical, mental or spiritual has helped me so much. I have had three kids, all home births. I nursed my first one until she was almost four, then my second one until he was 2 then my current baby is only three months and is nursing. Im doing all the things you are doing. Getting a hair tissue mineral analysis test and dietary profile really helps. Having realist expectations and goals and well making sure we don't use up all our energy when we do have it and taking naps 😀

Chrissy Brinton says:

Thank you so much for sharing your birth experience and this postpartum video. I am just 16 weeks pregnant with my first and its been so helpful watching your story and I really appreciate all the advice and honesty!

Kateto Manovska says:

Thanks for sharing this. My best tip is to definitely wait for clearence from your doctor to start exercising otherwise if you start earlier it may prolong your recovery.

Annemie Kim says:

I have not yet had a baby and cannot contribute anything wise in the postpartum/anxiety department. However, I do have UC. We plan to start a family around the end of this year and I have been feeling very stressed out about pregnancy while dealing with UC at the same time. You give me hope. THANK YOU!!!!!!

CHERIE says:

I had post partum depression really bad. I didn't know I had it until my family said there was something wrong. I suffered for a year. It was the worst experience. No one talked about it and I thought I was a terrible mom. Like there was something wrong with me.

shehlala says:

I'm currently in my second pregnancy and watching his video again this time around has really resonated more. I thought I was prepared the first time around but there was so much going on and still so much I couldn't understand once I gave birth.. I didn't get much emotional relief unfortunately and looking back I feel bad I didnt have anyone understand my moods and depression.. But I got out of it somehow and realised months later what I was going through. Im so thankful for your videos and wish I have the resilience and motivation to not lose heart to take care of myself post birth. Your videos are the only ones I feel I can trust and follow without hesitation <3

Rykki Kriner says:

I'm soo grateful for your story! Thank you soo much! This is extremely herlpful!

muhammad kashif says:

Hi, Sarah, could I know your  nationality I mean Britain or American and you speak quite clearly.

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