Web vs. Mobile development. Which should you learn?

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Web development vs. Mobile development. Which one should you learn? In this video, I compare and contrast the two and talk about multiple points such as Salary, Demand, and learning curve for both. Hopefully, by the end of the video you will have a solid idea of which one you should pick if you’re considering the two.


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Footage was shot on a Canon EOS m50.


Ilakian CSE says:

Wow, you're so amazing!

Pesto says:

I'm new to coding and torn between learning Python as my first language or jumping right into something like Swift, React, or Flutter in 2021. Any advice?

Lasse Brustad says:

I'm pretty sure web dev is the easier path, but considering the skills you need to get a job, web dev really requires a lot of knowledge

personally, I'm a completely self-taught (full-stack) web dev, over 4y of knowledge, by far more skilled than people learning in school, but I still struggle getting a job

if anyone is going to get a job as self-taught, you need to learn Git and develop something cool to show off when trying to get hired, otherwise, you'll probably not get a job

Sadaq nur says:

Learn first web dev and then mobile apps

Bawender Yandra says:

Damn! the good old days when mobile development was a niche. Even mobile development is starting to get saturated as people want to make Android and iOS applications using the same source code. So now mobile development is split between native development and cross-platform development (Flutter, React-Native). More and more companies are now preferring that you have both these skill sets. But at least its not as saturated as the web world

Charles Gail says:

I think Mobile Development

Auphyr says:

Are you interested in coding my simple app idea?

Parys West says:

I'm new to programming. I wonder is it a good idea to learn mobile and web at the same time? I already learned HTML, CSS, and some JS, but it is definitely true that the market is saturated with folks. Could learning both web and mobile be feasible or it's just a no?

Derek Johnson says:

great vid. web dev salary is a bit hard to pinpoint though. With cloud blowing up and the increasing demand for full-stack understanding and SRE roles, web dev salaries are much higher than what is shown on these charts. Many web developers are making 250k plus at companies. But then you also get people who claim they are web developers but are more like web designers using CSS. So it's very hard to determine.

Henry James says:

Thank you. Very informative video!

Aleksandr Karsakov says:

Interesting video! Thanks! Besides that Alyonka chocolate is a good choice! Also like it!

Petar Mijaković says:

I really want mobile development but my computer doesn't want me to boot android studio

Rahim says:

I would learn python and then ios or Android development. Python is the easiest to learn plus it gives you the foundation of programming and oh, you get to make really really cool stuff with it. Choosing iOS or android will coupled with python will make you much much happier developer. You will get a job quicker as a web dev but be ready to learn lots of stuff to become competent.

Hellscream Games says:

Good video.

Bakugo Shounen says:

My current laptop can't handle android studio. so i applied for a job on web development lol

Prateek Aggrawal says:

Great job brother

Vutha says:

Between the two ….. I chooseeeee. ….. game developer xD

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